Zero Waste Christmas Gift Guide
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A Zero Waste Christmas Gift Guide

A Zero Waste Christmas Gift Guide

If you’re interested in having a zero waste Christmas then why not start with gifting zero waste items.

But where to start? After all, what kind of gifts will people who are not waste-free want?

Thrifted items from antique stores or flea markets

Thrifted is just another word for secondhand, but secondhand does mean bad. It simply means no longer loved. So, why not find items in a new home? I’m not saying go out and get a load of crappy second-hand stuff but try flea markets, car boot sales and charity shops and see what gems you can find. Maybe some classic jewellery, or some really pretty homewares.

If someone you know has moved into a new place or is looking for something to decorate their space then a thrift item is great! And an afternoon at a flea market or thrift store can be a fun use of time.

Life experiences

I’m big on life experiences, particularly trying new things. People don’t know they like something until they try it, so why not go a little crazy and buy life experiences for gifts this year? It’s waste-free, you can integrate yourself into the activity – double yay – and you can gift something completely unique to friends and family.

Think tickets to a concert or a theatre show, a booking for a spa day or a stay at a cute B&B. Even trips to a theme park, a heritage railway, flotation therapy… you get the gist.

Zero waste products

Now I hate the idea of being preachy, but gifting zero waste products isn’t a bad thing! A lot of times they’re unique gifts that people wouldn’t think to buy themselves but might love to try. Think of small items like reusable make-up pads or some natural wraps for cooks/baker friends. You could even get a zero waste starter kit for those that have previously shown interest in your lifestyle. Don’t force zero waste onto people though, only gift these products to those that would appreciate it.

Homemade snacks

I think this is the best zero waste gift you can give to large groups of people, like colleagues of the most distant relations you see over Christmas. Homemade snacks! People love food, particularly over Christmas. Why not bake some cookies, flapjacks, mince pies etc and gift them to family and colleagues? Many zero waste stores are stocking baking goods now so, so long as you have a zero waste store near you, you should be able to make these completely waste-free.


If you’re looking for a zero waste product for a sibling or a best friend, but you’re not sure what gifts to get them I recommend a subscription! Get a year-long subscription to their favourite streaming service, a food service like Bird & Blend Tea co or a fun/jokey subscription to a zero waste service like Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. Trust me when I say they’ll be a convert by the end of the year.

If you want something a little more activity-based though, you can always link this with the above idea of buying life experiences and getting a subscription to a service like Floatworks, the National Trust or a railcard etc.

These are just some ideas for zero waste gifts. If you want something you can wrap in brown paper then I recommend checking out Etsy for some really gorgeous zero waste gifts made with natural materials.

Merry Christmas!

Love Ellie x

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A Zero Waste Christmas Gift Guide

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