Zero Waste Bathroom Products

Zero Waste Bathroom Products | Collab Post

Zero Waste Bathroom Products | Collab Post

I’ve recently been sent several zero waste bathroom products to try. Rather than do individual reviews of a deodorant and a tooth floss, I thought I would combine the two. As such, this is roundup of suggested zero waste bathroom products to try.

Zero Waste Bathroom Products

Biork Deodorant

I’ve been seeing Biork Deodorant for a while now. Their marketing pops up from time to time on my Instagram, and I’ve always wanted to try this product.

It’s a potassium crystal deodorant stick, and it looks incredibly cool. Honestly, having a crystal for a deodorant it’s up there for bathroom aesthetics. Also, the product comes in cork packaging which is biodegradable. In fact, the whole product is biodegradable which is, of course, what zero waste activists are aiming for.

Biork Deodorant
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I’ve been using the product for a few weeks, including taking it with me on my sister’s hen do – knowing it was possibly the only time I’ll get any exercise over the summer.

It’s aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. You must wet the stick under the tap first before applying it and then roll it around for a generous amount of time for full coverage. It did the job and worked well. My only downside – and it’s a mini – is that there is absolutely no scent and it’s hard to tell if you’ve used enough.

I like scented deodorants, but I know that often the scent is synthetic and made with products harmful to the environment. The fact that Biork Deodorant is 100% natural is its USP and I respect that. Also, I like to know I’m fully covered when wearing deodorant and I did find myself reapplying this during the day, just in case – even when I wasn’t sweating or running around.

Still, I rate this deodorant and think it’s a brilliant alternative to high-street roll-on deodorants. Well worth trying if you’re looking to change up your bathroom products for zero waste ones.

You can purchase Biork Deodorant in the UK from Boobalou for £13.95. 

Bambaw Tooth Floss

Yes, I seriously got sent floss in the post. And I LOVE it.

Flossing is important, especially during lockdown when it was impossible to get a dentist appointment unless it was an emergency. As someone with historically disturbing experiences with dentists (mostly orthodontists to be fair), I like to keep my teeth, gum and mouth healthy.

That being said, I’ve struggled to find a zero waste floss as a lot of the products are not biodegradable and therefore harmful to the environment. However, Bambaw has created a mint-flavoured floss that ticks all of the boxes.

Housed in a reusable tin container, with the floss made of corn starch, everything about this product is biodegradable or reusable. You get 50m of the product and when you’re finished you can get a refill instead of buying a new container.

At £5.95 for the initial container and floss, I think that’s a very reasonable and environmentally friendly deal.

What do you think? Going to swap out your deodorant and tooth-floss for these eco-friendly brands? I say try it out! Let me know what you think of these zero waste bathroom products in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Zero Waste Bathroom Products | Collab Post

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