Zero Waste Period Products

Zero-Waste Alternative Period Products

Zero-Waste Alternative Period Products

Did you know sanitary pads take over 500 years to decompose? If you’re going zero-waste one of the hardest things is to find organic and plastic-free alternatives to period products.

Tampons, tampon applicators, and sanitary pads are clogging up the landfill with over 12 million items of sanitary waste going to landfills each year.

But don’t panic! There are plastic-free period products out there.


Made famous by Orange is the New Black (in part), Mooncups – or menstrual cups – are a reusable form of period products that effectively act as a suction cup in your vagina. You simply fold them, push them in and let the expand naturally and they collect the period blood that leaves your uterus. After a few hours, you can pinch the bottom of the cup, so that the suction cup releases, and pour the contents into a toilet. Rinse and repeat.

Sustainable, easy to clean and subtle reusable period products have become a firm favourite with some ladies.

Dame Tampon Applicators

Whilst the tampons themselves are not waste-free they are organic, but what is waste-free is the tampon applicator itself. Tampons take 6 months to decompose, a lot less time than sanitary towels, plus you can organic ones which degrade a lot quicker and are healthier for your vagina.

The harmful part of tampons for the environment is usually the plastic applicator that some tampon products come with. These take an average of 400 years to degrade as well and are only good for one-time use. What’s the point?! It’s time to replace them ladies with a Dame Tampon applicator.

These plastic-free applicators come with a storage tin, are easy to clean, and can be used with any regular tampons as well as Dame’s organic tampons. At £24.99 these applicators may seem pricey at first but they will last a while.

WUKA Period Pants

WUKA, or Wake Up Kick Ass, period pants may seem odd and unhygienic but they’re the absolute opposite. Yes, you will free bleed into your pants but trust me: you won’t notice and you won’t smell. The pants come with a super absorbent lining that absorbs not only the blood but the suspect ‘fishy’ smell of our periods.

These pants are not only super absorbent but also super comfortable! They could even work as ‘sexy period sex’ lingerie if the desire arises. At £24.99 per pair, or £65.99 for a set of three, these may be the most expensive pants you ever buy, but since you only need to wear them for 7 days a month they’re a solid investment.

Easy to wash, comfortable to wear, and saving you money and the environment in the long run? Yes, please!

These are just some of the many brands of alternative period products becoming available. I’ll be updating you as I find more as time progresses.

Love Ellie x

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Zero Waste Period Products

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