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Writing with Fountain Pens | Ad

Writing with Fountain Pens | Ad

I am a writer and I love writing with fountain pens! No joke. I have an insured fountain that my work has christened the ‘contract pen’ as our Publishing Director always asks to use it to sign off on important contracts.

It writes beautifully and is smooth and looks gorgeous! So when Emma at Invaluable contacted me to see if I would be interested to share some information about fountains pens, of course, I said yes!

Fountain Pen Breakdown

Why write with fountain pens?

It’s no secret that digital dominates our lives. The act of reading a physical book has transformed into listening to an ebook, podcasts are now the preferred choice of news, and we tend to live on our smartphones and tablets. And while there’s nothing wrong with writing and consuming media this way, sometimes it’s nice to revert back to our roots and indulge in the physical act of writing.

Whether it be writing a character in your novel, journaling and jotting your thoughts down, or writing a nice handwritten letter to a friend, there are so many benefits to writing. Writing is most enjoyable with the right writing instruments, including a nice notebook and a great pen. One of the best pens for writing is a fountain pen, which provides a smooth-as-butter line and style like no other. If you’re not familiar with fountain pens, Invaluable created this helpful guide that breaks down the part of the pen, the proper ways to write with one, and how to craft a beautiful signature using one. Check it out below!

Fountain pen infographic

For more information about writing with fountains pen or calligraphy in general, then check out Invaluable for more details.

Enjoy writers!

Love Ellie x

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