Winter Self-Care Guide 2019

Winter Self-Care Guide

Winter Self-Care Guide

Winter is a tough time of year. It’s cold, busy and sometimes lonely. I’m very lucky that this year I have a lot of plans to see people and celebrate the changing of the years. However, there is more to winter self-care than just socialising and staying warm.

Today’s Blogmas post is all about self-care and how to take care of yourself this Christmas, even when you’re trying to please everyone else in your life.

Winter Self-Care Guide

Take a moment

We’re coming to the end of 2019 – I know! That came around quickly – so take a moment and reflect on your year. Write a diary post, create a photo album, or write a blog post on your favourite experiences. Just look back at all of the amazing things you’ve done this year!

Schedule an evening-in each week

December is a busy time of the month for everyone. If you’re not seeing someone, then you’re shopping for Christmas presents. If you’re not shopping then you’re at work, handling all of that pre-Christmas and pre-New Year drama. Schedule an evening with yourself at least once a week, to sit and chill and do whatever it is that makes you happy. Whether that be having a luxurious bath or sitting on your sofa with a take-out and your latest Netflix binge. Just do it.

Plan ahead

Take a moment out from Christmas and the New Year prep and instead plan ahead. What do you want to do in 2020? What do you want to achieve? Maybe it’s time to start planning a holiday and thinking about putting some money aside for that. Or looking into that hobby or skill you’ve always wanted to learn. Looking forward is sometimes more healthy than looking back, particularly if you’ve had a tough year.

Take a different route, or be spontaneous

If you’re like me, you probably have a set route home complete with a favourite tube/train carriage and seat. Why not deviate from this routine and be a little spontaneous this winter? Try something a little different, even if it is just as simple as walking rather than getting a bus. Sometimes a little shock to the system is all you need to feel energised for a new day or an evening-in.

Spread the love

The best kind of self-care is to let people in I find. Tell someone you love them, or you wish them a very Merry Christmas in person or over the phone. Winter is a lonely time of year, so lighten it by spending the love. It will make you feel good and has the added bonus of making someone else feel good too.

Look after yourself

Winter can be harsh on the skin and the body so makes sure you’re looking after yourself. Moisturise and exfoliate your skin for a little winter self-care moment. Soak in a bath and really let your body relax in the tub so that you’re muscles get proper rest. Have naps when you want to. Eat what and when you want to. For a few weeks do whatever your body wishes.

Most importantly, ask for help when you needed! Self-care is all about knowing yourself and giving yourself the break you truly deserve. Asking for help is not a weakness, it’s a strength.

Love Ellie x

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