Wild Natural Deodorant Review

Wild Natural Deodorant | Review {AD}

Wild Natural Deodorant | Review

Last month I was lucky enough to be sent a Wild Natural Deodorant for review. Wild is a new business that sells biodegradable and reusable deodorants, with refills on subscription.

What are the Wild containers made of?

The deodorant container is reusable as it’s made from anodised aluminium and recycled plastics. So that’s the best thing: you buy the container once and you only need to buy the refills there on out!

The containers come in three different colours: Aqua, Coral, Purple and Silver.

I chose to get the Aqua container – I love a clean silvery blue – and it looks gorgeous on the shelf as well as incredibly tactile.

Also, because the containers and the refills are so slim all Wild Refill boxes – either subscription-based or a one-off purchase – fit through the letterbox.

Wild Refill Natural Deodorant

How are they reusable?

So not only is the container recyclable and reusable they’re so simple and easy to use!

Your first package contains a reusable container as well as the deodorant itself in a separate container which contains the deodorant. This is made of plastic-free recyclable materials which means it’s perfectly fine to replace it when it runs out.

To make them work you simply remove the base, slip the deodorant into the bottom of the container and then twist the bottom to push the deodorant up the container.

The refills can be supplied via subscription, or you can purchase three refills – in a selection of scents – for £18, as they’re £6 each.

What scents of Wild Natural Deodorant can you get?

I decided to go with Mint Fresh, as I love mint and think it is very fresh and clean smelling.

Alternatively, you can choose Rose Blush, Coconut Dream, Orange Zest and Bergamot Rituals.

The deodorant itself is made of natural ingredients which are paraben-free, and don’t block your pores or disrupt your PH levels.

The smell itself is very faint, in fact after putting it on you can’t really smell it at all. If you’re after a highly scented deodorant this isn’t going to fulfil that need, but don’t let that put you off.

What are the ingredients?

Wild deodorants contain 100% natural ingredients, including coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, shea butter and more. For a full list of ingredients visit their website.

I love that they’re so open about what is in each product, and don’t just say 100% natural without the extra detail. To me, that makes them a much more trustworthy brand.

Wild Deodorant
Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCTmfaJnrAk/

My Review of Wild Natural Deodorant

I’ve been using Wild’s deodorant now for about a month and honestly, I think it’s fabulous!

For me, they’re a great size. You will only need one or two swipes of your armpit to be completely covered. Not once have I felt it hasn’t lasted all day. In fact, I can still feel the residue of the deodorant from in the shower the day after I used it – so it lasts for well over 24 hours.

Currently, I’m not as active as I might be when I was commuting. As such, I can’t test how well it lasts when, say, exercising. But for gentle activity around the house, running errands and sitting for hours working it’s great.

I particularly love the packaging, it’s so tactile and the colour is amazing. And the twist element means that you have complete control over the amount you use per day. There is no colour left on my skin or any residue – like roll-on deodorant which often leaves me feeling like I need to air dry for a minute before putting my arms down.

It feels good on my skin, doesn’t drag and is reusable. Honestly, struggling to find a fault here.

I will be re-purchasing the refills when I use up the current capsule. This a great product, to consider whether you’re zero waste or simply looking for a new deodorant.

Love Ellie x

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Wild Natural Deodorant Review

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