Where to Look for Publishing Jobs

Where to Look for Publishing Jobs

Where to Look for Publishing Jobs

If you’re trying to break into publishing then this is the post for you. Today I’m sharing a relatively extensive list of places to look for publishing jobs in the UK.

Where to Look for Publishing Jobs

The Bookseller

The first place to look is the vacancies on The Bookseller as most publishers will share roles on this platform, at some point. These roles are likely to be the most subscribed, and they have less entry-level roles as it’s quite expensive to place a job ad in The Bookseller, however, still worth reviewing as a first point of call if you’re looking for a new publishing role.

Creative Access

If you’re entry-level or trying to move into a new area of publishing, then I recommend you review Creative Access. They also offer a great mentorship scheme.

Atwood Tate and Inspired Selection and Wonderful Recruitment

If you’re starting out or are already in publishing and are thinking of moving, then it’s worth signing up for Atwood Tate, Inspired Selection and/or Wonderful Recruitment as these companies will find you suitable roles. After signing up, or contacting them directly, you can discuss what kind of role you’re after and whenever they find or hear of a job they can put you forward, with your permission. There is no cost, and it takes out some of the leg work of looking for suitable roles as a lot of publishers have recruiters on retainers for roles.

Publisher and/or Literary Agency Websites

Publishers and literary agencies will typically put vacancies on their own websites, so it’s always worth bookmarking a few web pages and checking them for roles when you’re looking.

The Publishing Post

If you’re not already signed up to the Publishing Post, I highly recommend you subscribe now. It’s a fortnight PDF magazine that is sent via email and each edition includes an entry-level jobs section.

LDN Apprenticeships

If you’re trying to break into publishing there are some apprenticeships available to give you a wide range of skills to help with breaking into the industry full-time. One place to find these apprenticeships is LDN Apprenticeships.


If you’re looking for a role outside of Trade Publishing (Fiction/Non-Fiction/Children) then take a look at BookCareers. They have a page dedicated to vacancies within the wider books industry.

@PubInterns (Twitter)

On Twitter, you’ll find a few Publishing Job accounts, but my favourite and most regularly updated is PubInterns. They retweet and share job roles for those looking to break into the industry or move to the next step on the ladder.

Publisher’s Twitter

Most Publishers will share roles directly with Twitter with relevant hashtags and links. Also, some publishers have Twitter profiles specifically for jobs, like Penguin Careers and Hachette Careers. It’s worth following all the companies you’d like to work out, but don’t just follow the Big 5 Publishers, follow independents and literary agencies as well so you never miss an opportunity to break into the industry.

Publishing Staff on Twitter

My final recommendation is to follow people already in the industry, especially those in the area of publishing you want to work. For example, if you want to work in Marketing adult fiction or non-fiction then follow me, as I’ll always share Marketing jobs at Bonnier as it affects my team. I’ll also share other roles, but Marketing is always going to be my priority.

Most Publishing professionals typically have their role and/or company in their bio, so search for the publisher and/or job titles in search and click ‘People’ to see who comes up. Or look at the followers/following on publishing professional profiles as we typically follow each other.

If you need any further help with breaking into or developing your career within publishing then check out my Publishing Hopeful’s Toolkit.

Love Ellie x

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Where to Look for Publishing Jobs

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