Where To Find Publishing Jobs

Where To Find Publishing Jobs

Where To Find Publishing Jobs

A lot of people ask how to get into publishing but not where to find publishing jobs. There are many places you can find new vacancies, early careers programs, and graduate schemes.

Here is a list of places to find publishing jobs and my recommendations.

The Bookseller Jobs

There is a page on The Bookseller website for jobs, and it’s free to access. Most publishers put their jobs on here, however, most of them are typically exec level or above. More and more entry-level roles are being advertised on other platforms. Also, a lot of these roles are advertised by recruitment agencies so it’s difficult to know who is actually hiring.

Creative Access

Creative Access more and more is becoming the place for entry-level applicants to go and look. They share entry-level and exec levels roles in all forms of media, usually with some form of salary band and a good description. They also have grad schemes and apprenticeship roles available so it’s worth keeping your mind open on this site.

Where To Find Publishing Jobs

Publishers Websites

Most publishers have a vacancies page on their websites. The Big Five – Penguin, Hachette, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster and Pan Macmillan – certainly have. But other independents and smaller corporate publishers tend to have them as well. These are real-time job vacancies so worth applying immediately.

Publishers Social Media

Alongside their own websites, most publishers and their employees will also share their vacancies on social media – specifically Twitter – so it’s worth following the publishers and their employees. Not only can you network and learn more about their brand, but you’ll also get updates on vacancies. Win-win-win.

Recruitment Companies

If you’re struggling with getting a job or getting an interview then I highly recommend signing up with a recruitment company like Atwood Tate or Inspired Selection. Not only will they put you forward for appropriate jobs, but they will also help you with your interview and confidence.

PubInterns (Twitter)

On Twitter, there is a channel called @PubInterns run by Chloe and Emma. This has been going on since I was an entry-level publisher and it’s fantastic. Not only do they share publishing jobs but also pieces of information integral to entry-level publishers. From the recent #ShareYourSalary trend started by Ain Ciara to articles on The Bookseller and other platforms.

Those are my top recommendations of places to find publishing jobs. If you ever need any advice or help with applications let me know. My email is on my contact page. And if you want any other tips or tricks on entering the publishing industry see my Publishing Hopefuls Toolkit.

Love Ellie x

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Where To Find Publishing Jobs

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