What I Got for Christmas 2021
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What I Got for Christmas 2021

What I Got for Christmas 2021

It’s time for the lifestyle blogger round-up of what I got for Christmas 2021. Firstly, a disclaimer. It is in no way my intention to brag about what I got, this just happens to be a popular blog post and I don’t mind sharing. I’m very lucky to receive what I have from friends and family and I’m extremely appreciative.

In 2021, as ever, I felt spoilt by my loved ones. I received an eclectic mix of gifts.

Vinyl Records

First up is the music. I received two vinyl records, one from my sister and another from my parents. The first is Bowie Legacy, a vinyl with some of David Bowie’s top hits like Ashes to Ashes, Heroes and China Girl. 

I love a bit of a Bowie when I’m chilling in the flat so this will be going on when I get back to my record player. And secondly, I received the score for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. One of my, if not my favourite genre of music is scores. The `Cursed Child score was created by Imogen Heap who is a great musician and I love the ethereal and evocative nature of it. So this will be perfect for when I’m writing!


My parents treated me to a gorgeous Kate Spade necklace. It’s a simple ring of diamantes which I’d never seen before – having never been to a Kate Spade – but apparently, my dad spotted it and thought it was very me. He was right.


Onto the books! For my not-so-Secret-Santa, my friend Holly gave me Ali Wong’s Dear Girls book which is a selection of letters written to her daughters. It’s my intention, in the scarily not-so-distant future – to become a mum (with or without a partner – more on this another day!) and my friend thought this would be a good read for me. Although potentially could scare me off too!

Next up was The Book Lover’s Bucket List which was a gift from my parents as they know how much I enjoy my literary pilgrimages.

Next up was a gift from a family friend, Kat, who gifted me the book This Is How You Lose The Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone. This is a book that Kat has previously really enjoyed and she gifted it to me as she knew I appreciate good books. I’ll be diving into this one shortly!

I was also very luckily gifted TONS of Penguin Little Black Classics – and I’ve just (or my mum just) completed the whole set! I now have all 129 books. I’ve read about 8… don’t judge. My parents also added a further 9 red-spine vintage classics to my collection as well. My bookshelf at home is bursting!

And finally, my friend Rob got me a proof copy of Monica Ali’s upcoming novel Love Marriage. He said it was one of his favourite reads of 2022 and he has impeccable taste so I look forward to reading that!

Miscellaneous Gifts

I had lots of little gifts from other people for Christmas 2021 which I really love and appreciate. There have been waste-free hand soaps and creams, samples from Chanel, Givenchy and REN (I love a cosmetic sample!) Also notebooks and meal planners, Oreos and chocolates, candles and collectable figurines and a stunning hideaway box in the guise of a hand-bound leather book.

I’ve been very lucky this year and I’m so appreciative of everyone’s generosity. Thank you so much to everyone who gave me something or sent me and the family a card.

And of course, my big present is yet to come: Hamilton tickets for early New Year! So I really hope the GOV doesn’t close the theatres… I hope you received some lovely gifts for Christmas.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Love Ellie x

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What I Got for Christmas 2021

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