What I Got For Christmas 2020
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What I Got For Christmas 2020

What I Got For Christmas 2020

Well, this Christmas was different. Not terribly different, all things considered. But instead of the usual squeeze around the dinner table, this year we ended up taking chairs away.

However, that didn’t mean I was any less fortunate either. I got some amazing presents this year, and all a surprise. I don’t expect anything large or grand when it comes to Christmas now that I’m well into my twenties, which makes me very lucky indeed.

What I got for Christmas 2020

Here is just a selection of presents I was gifted by family and friends.

Bush Classic Turntable

This goes to show that my mother reads my blog more than anyone else. This leads to me getting quite a few lovely surprises at Christmas and sometimes just at random. My main present for Christmas this year was a portable record player. I’m a big fan of music, particularly 80s music – my parents raised me well – and there’s something a little inauthentic to listening to Queen (technically 70s and 80s, I know!) and Wham! on Spotify.

Bush Turn Table

Fleetwood Mac ‘Rumours’ Vinyl Album & Coldplay’s ‘Rush of Blood to the Head’ Vinyl Album

Along with the record player I also received two brand-new vinyl albums. Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and Coldplay’s Rush of Blood to the HeadMy dad and I share an affiliation with Coldplay so the latter was his choice and Fleetwood Mac was my mum’s.

The Feminist Quiz Book

My sister and new brother-in-law couldn’t make it for Christmas, due to the Tier 4 restrictions, as such their presents for the family remain with them and vice versa. Springmas is going to be an event in 2021! But, as a little silly present, my sister sent me a copy of The Feminist Quiz Booksupposedly full of questions that not even teachers know the answers to. Since she is a teacher and I’m a staunch feminist I can see her playful intentions quite clearly.

Penguin Little Black Classics:

I collect the Penguin Little Black Classics series and have nearly all of the set (unbelievably!) This year to add to the collection I received:

Penguin Little Black Classics

An Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Armin

I also collect the red spine Vintage classics and have over 50 in my collection – some of which I’ve actually read! I’ve never heard of Elizabeth Von Armin but after reading the short biography at the front of the book I have to learn more about her because she sounds incredible!

Guinness Book of World Records 2021

I suggested the Guinness Book of World Records as a Stocking Filler gift idea and my mum picked up on it and decided to get me a copy. I’m actually quite excited to read it since the last edition I think I read was published in 2003.

Prosecco Bottle Blanket

Do you remember those Mermaid tail blankets? Now picture a prosecco bottle version of one of those. How silly (genius!) is that?! Also, very comfortable.

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman & Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell

Now it’s time for books. From my friend Rob, I received two books this year: Heartstopper by Alice Oseman and Hamnet by Maggie O’FarrellHamnet was one of my favourite reads of 2020 and I’m so glad I now have a hardback edition as I previously read it as a proof copy! Heartstopper has appeared on countless to-read lists over the last few months and I’m super pleased to finally own a copy which means I can actually read it.

‘Ellie is Writing’ Sign

Also from Rob, I got a personalised sign which reads: ‘Quiet please… Ellie is writing’. As a fellow writer/publisher this is greatly appreciated!

Ellie is Writing


This year I also got a lot of candles – perfect for decorating my rental flat. I’ve discovered a new favourite scent of mine Peony and Rose, so not only did I get a diffuser of this scent from my brother but also a gorgeous candle from Next. Plus, Rob added an Oak and Redcurrant candle to his box of treasures. My flat is going to smell amazing this Winter!

  • Peony and Blush Rose Candle
  • Oak and Redcurrant Candle

Alice in Wonderland Book Handbag

So my best friend Freyja gave me an absolute corker of a present! It’s a handbag that looks like a genuine book?! I don’t even have words. It was the last present I opened on Christmas day and was perfect. It’s from Well-Read and already my mum and I are obsessed with getting the whole collection that they offer. A book lover’s dream present.

Hot Chocolate Mug

My godmother, Melanie, gave me a sweet hot chocolate mug complete with a lid and a spoon. It’s so tactile that I wouldn’t put it down when I opened it.

Chocolate (lots of chocolate!)

Christmas would not be complete without chocolate! I got some specially made chocolate from my godmother – which I can’t wait to tuck into! – plus countless selections of Oreos, tubes of sweets, and more.

Bodyshop and Clarins Skincare

I also got spoilt by my godmother with some Body Shop goodies which smell insanely good! And my mum treated me to a bag of Clarins skincare samples, which will no doubt lead me to buy the full-size versions in the Boxing Day sales.

It’s been a very good year for presents, and whilst Christmas day was certainly different since it wasn’t with all of my family, I’m still very grateful for the day we had.

I hope everyone else’s Christmas was just as good and healthy, and that New Years is just as fun.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love Ellie x

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What I Got For Christmas 2020

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