Ways to Give Back This Christmas
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Ways to Give Back This Christmas

Ways to Give Back This Christmas

Christmas is the time for family, but also to give back. From putting spare change in the pots for the Salvation Army to buying and donating additional food to homeless charities. I want to share some ways to give back this Christmas.

This year is extra important, as 2020 has been tough for many. Not only have people been stuck up at home and limited in socialising, but some have also lost their jobs and livelihoods as well.

Ways to give back this Christmas

Here are some simple ways you can give back this Christmas to help those that are going through a tough time.

Giving Blood

Last Christmas, I donated blood. All it takes is an hour out of your day and you can help save a life. As a universal donor, my blood can be given to almost anyone. As the NHS has done wonders for my family and friends’ health over the years, it seems the least I can do. And with the work that the NHS has done this year during COVID, it seems even more important.

Take items to your local charity shop

Charity shops are places where people on low budgets can go to get presents for their friends and family at Christmas. Why not purchase a few nice items, or simply donate some items you no longer use, and gift them to your local charity shop to sell on?

Donate Food

At nearly every supermarket there is a stand to leave food donations for homeless shelters and food banks. Wherever you can, get a few extra tins or dry goods and donate them there. Not to quote one supermarket in particular, but every little does help at Christmas.

Look into your local missions

In nearly every city and town there is a local mission, which helps those most in need. From those that are homeless, going through a mental health crisis or struggling with unemployment. Take Whitechapel Mission in London. They have put out a call for donations of sleeping bags, socks, woollen hats and volunteers this Christmas. Get in touch and what your local mission needs, or where you can help in any way.

Feed animals

Search online for your local animal shelter and donate some pet food. Just because they’re animals doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a Christmas too.

The best thing you can do is to do your own research about your local area and find out what charities and missions need help. Volunteering is difficult in 2020 with the new restrictions because of COVID, but if can you volunteer or anyway give it ago.

Love Ellie x

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Ways to Give Back This Christmas

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