Top Fifteen Valentine's Day Rom-Coms

Top Fifteen Valentine’s Day Rom-Coms

Top Fifteen Valentine’s Day Rom-Coms

According to research completed by discount platform, WeThrift, the top fifteen Valentine’s Day rom-coms include the sweet LGBT+ film Love Simon, the hilarious Crazy Rich Asians and the ever-classic Notting Hill.

How many of the top 15 have you watched? I’ve seen the majority of the UK creations, anything by Richard Curtis. Not to mention the best rom-com of all time (in my opinion) When Harry Met Sally. Do you have a favourite on the list?

Top 15 Best Rom-Coms to Watch on Valentine’s Day:

Love Simon – 54.1
Crazy Rich Asians – 52.2
Notting Hill – 52
About Time – 50.6
Crazy Stupid Love – 48.1
The Big Sick – 46.9
Clueless – 46.8
Me Before You – 45.9
When Harry Met Sally – 45.5
10 Things I Hate About You – 44.1
Four Weddings and a Funeral – 41.6
Bridget Jones’s Diary – 39.3
No Hard Feelings – 37.6
Forgetting Sarah Marshall -35.1
Anyone But You – 34.2

Each movie is scored based on a survey of IMDB reviews, Google searches, TikTok views and hashtags, Rotten Tomatoes scores, number of trailer views and award nominations.

I’m surprised to see Anyone But You on there since it’s only been three months since it was released. But it’s already grossed over 150 million dollars worldwide, and over 70k videos have been made on TikTok about these reluctant allies-to-lovers.

Not to mention Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield is back in the charts as a result! With that and Murder on the Dance Floor, the noughties are making a comeback in 2024.

What movie do you think you’ll watch this Valentine’s Day if you’re not planning on reading a book (which is what I usually do!) I think I might get cosy with About Time or 10 Things I Hate About You. Add some chocolate, a bottle of Asti (or your preferred beverage) and my softest blanket and I have the perfect date night in – with or without the company!

Love Ellie x

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Top Fifteen Valentine's Day Rom-Coms

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