Tricks to Get Back Into Writing

Tricks to Get Back Into Writing

Tricks to Get Back Into Writing

If you’re like me and recently started writing a novel but then had a prolonged break away from the screen or notebook, then this post is for you. Today I thought I would share some of my tricks to get back into writing.

These tricks can be used one day, one week or even one year after your last writing session.

I’m currently using a lot of these to get back into editing my latest project, as well as finishing the book I started writing in early March 2022. I can vouch for their success because the below tricks got my novel What Planet Can I Blame This On? written in three months!

Get Back Into Writing

Trick 1: Always start the next line of a chapter

First is a trick you must remember when writing, as it makes all the difference. Never finish a chapter and then shut the laptop screen. When you next come to write you’ve just got Chapter XX on your screen and nothing else. You’ll likely have forgotten what happened next, or which character was meant to be speaking. Not to mention the dreaded ‘blank-page’ feeling.

Always write at least one line of the next chapter, so that next time you pick up the project you’ve got something to start you off.

Trick 2: Have a book-specific writing playlist

This is a hit-or-miss trick for some, but I find having a writing playlist crucial to remember what I want to happen in my story. One song can remind me of the tone for a specific scene, or just trigger a reminder of what I want to happen in the story.

You don’t need to listen to music when you’re writing if that’s not your thing, but having a playlist that can trigger reminders and scene-setting vibes is a great way to get back into writing.

Get Back Into Writing

Trick 3: Write a campaign plan

Again, this may be specific to me as a publisher, but it’s a helpful trick! If you’re struggling to sit and get the next words down, stop for a moment and write down a list of authors you would like to send your book to when completed. Or what you’d love to do in the campaign – social media ideas, radio interviews or what the cover should look like.

Thinking about the exciting steps after the book is finished is a great motivator for going and getting that book written.

Trick 4: Watch a video about writers

For me, if I’m struggling to stop procrastinating and just write I typically put on a YouTube video or film about writers to inspire me to get off my backside. From BBC Imagine interviews with the likes of Marian Keyes and Kazuo Ishiguro to movies like Miss Potter. Sometimes a simple YouTube Writing Vlog is enough to get me to my desk to write a couple 1,000 words.

Those are my top tricks on how to get back into writing after a break. From simple procrastination-breaking tips to ideas of how to stay motivated. I hope they help.

What are your tricks for getting back into writing? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Tricks to Get Back Into Writing

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