Transfer your blog to WordPress

How to Transfer your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

How to Transfer your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

When I purchased my own domain and went self-hosted via SiteGround my new domain was not applicable to Blogger. The two blogs I ran were both on Blogger so I made the decision to transfer my Lifestyle blogger across onto WordPress.

When you buy a self-hosting package on SiteGround you can ask for a website transfer, as this is included in your package. However, I hit a snag here (due to a loss of wi-fi) and did it on my own later, instead.

I will tell you how to do it both ways.

How to request a Website Transfer on SiteGround

Firstly, to start the process of asking for website transfer from SiteGround this is what you do.

When buying the package off SiteGround you have to register with them. You’ll be sent a link to your profile via the email you gave and this is what it looks like:

SiteGround 3 blog
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To ask for a website transfer you need to activate a Ticket. To do that you go to the Support page:

SiteGround 4 blog
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Scroll down just a bit until you see this box:

SiteGround 5
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And click on Website Transfer. This will take you to a page where you have to fill in the details of your current blog, including the login details. I would recommend changing your details after the website transfer is done, just to be on the safe side!

You can also leave a comment here if you wish. Or if, like me, you decide to do the transfer yourself after the ticket has been sent just go back into your tickets folder and leave a message asking for the ticket to be closed.

If you need help with this part just let me know! I’ll happily walk you through it. Or you can ask the SiteGround 24/7 service.

So…now you’ve requested your website transfer you can leave it for them to deal with. Sometimes this can take 10 minutes, other times it can take longer. It depends on how quickly you want it done and how hands-on you wanted to be.

It turns out, I’m impatient. So I did it myself. And here is how.

How to do the Website Transfer Yourself on SiteGround

On your SiteGround Account page click on the Account Tab. Right at the very top of the page is a little button that says Go to cPanel. Click on that. And click on proceed when the information box comes up.

SiteGround 6
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Now you are on a page that looks like this:

SiteGround 7
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You want to find the WordPress button and click on that. That will install WordPress onto your computer if it isn’t on there already. Even if it is, click on it anyway! It will take you to the WordPress Install page, go ahead and press Install.

SiteGround 8
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When you install WordPress you’ll see a page like this immediately. This is where you fill in the important stuff. I.e.  Your website URL, the user details and your admin logins.

SiteGround 9 WordPress
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*Always write down your WordPress Admin Login because this is what will give you access to edit your blog!

**I also suggest you tick the ‘Limit Login Attempts’ button as this will put a block on your admin login. So if anyone tries to access your blog incorrectly 5 times your blog will be locked for a short time, stopping anyone gain access.

Once you have filled out all of these boxes – it’s pretty self-explanatory but, again leave a comment if you need help – press Install.

It will take a few moments and then it will say: ‘Congratulations’ and underneath will be two links: one to your blog page and the other to your admin page. You will want to save both but go to the admin and begin the next process.

To actually transfer your blog from Blogger to WordPress you need to go to your Blog pages’ Settings tab. Click Other. At the top of the Other page, there should be a button that says Import Blog. Click that. This will download your blog’s content into a file that you can then save in your computer files. Remember where you put it!

Now go back to WordPress.

In WordPress, in the sidebar of the Admin website, there is a Tools page. Hover over that to see the Import suggestion. Click on that.

The WordPress Import page looks like this:

SiteGround10 Blog WordPress
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You will need to install the Blogger Importer first as a plugin, but this takes a second. Once it is loaded click on Run Importer. This will take you to a page like this where you can upload the file you downloaded from Blogger.

This will not delete your other blog on Blogger. It will just import all of the content over to WordPress – including comments, links, pictures, titles, categories, and tags! They will also automatically be public, but not re-publicized so don’t worry about your Twitter being over-run!

Once the blog has been imported you simply press: Activate. And that is it. Your Blog from Blogger is now activated in your WordPress account under your own domain!

Now edit your posts

It is worth going through and editing! If your blog is like mine and has a custom template suitable for Blogger only you will have to purchase a template (or use one of the WordPress templates) to make your blog compatible with WordPress. You can get some really affordable ones on Etsy.

It’s been great so far! I thoroughly enjoyed it! And that’s it! I have my own website and I’ve moved to WordPress! And I did all of this after a year of thinking about it, in my bed in my PJs with my cat on my arm at midday on a Saturday!

It’s as easy as that! (Easy, now that I’ve done it I guess!)

If you have any questions just let me know! Also, use the SiteGround 24/7 hour chat! They’re great and will happily talk you through it!

Love Ellie x SiteGround

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