Top 5 Favourite BookTubers
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Top 5 Favourite BookTubers

Top 5 Favourite BookTubers

As a publisher, I read a lot of books and interact with a lot of readers. In my personal time, I also interact with a lot of readers, usually via BookTube.

Here are my Top Five Favourite BookTubers.

Noelle Gallagher

I discovered Noelle during lockdown. She had just under 20k followers when I subscribed and within weeks she had nearly 100k followers. And it’s so well-deserved. She’s brilliant to watch and her reviews of books are so in-depth and honest. I’ve picked up a ton of books because of her reviews, and more often that not I’ve agreed with her.

She reads across most genres so there is something for everyone – although if you’re a Stephen King fan you’ll want to follow her pronto. Plus she’s extremely funny and genuine; she starts every video with a popsicle joke. The US equivalent of Penguin biscuit jokes in the UK.

Jean BookishThoughts

I’ve been watching Jean’s BookTube channel since I was in my second year of university, well over five years. Not only are her reviews incredibly insightful, she is also extremely intelligent and talented.

Recently she won a Books Are My Bag award for the best breakthrough author, for her first book on Greek Mythology. Plus, she’s studying for a PhD in classics and she has previously worked in the publishing industry. If you’re after someone down-to-earth with a lot of knowledge that Jean’s channel would be perfect for you.


FictionalFates is another new BookTube channel for me, but one of my all-five favourites. Joel is a black, bisexual writer and reader. His channel is very vocal about LGBT and QPOC rights and inclusivity and I have such respect for him.

He tends to read more fantasy and young adult than adult fiction, and I’m more of an adult fiction reader. But his videos are so entertaining and fun that I look forward to everyone being uploaded.


A Little Writer Em – Emily Merrill – is a BookTuber and author who is very down-to-earth and has a lot of my taste regarding books. Her BookTube is split between books and writing, again another thing I enjoy as a writer. Her first novel Mine was published in 2019; I’ve yet to read it but I’ve got it on my to-read list.

The Book Leo

The Book Leo BookTube channel is run by Leonie and has well over 56.5k followers. Leonie is from the Netherlands, but her videos are aesthetically pleasing and have lots of fun. She reads a lot more fantasy than I do, a common theme on BookTube. But her reviews are very insightful and enjoyable to listen to when I’m doing my make-up or eating my lunch.

Who are your favourite BookTubers? Let me know in the comments below, I’m always looking for further channels to follow.

Love Ellie x

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Top 5 Favourite BookTubers

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  1. I highly recommend Merphy Napier and Daniel Greene, especially if you like fantasy (and sci-fi for Daniel). I discovered them both earlier this year and now watch them most days when they upload.

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