TikTokers I've been watching lately

TikTokers I’ve Been Watching Lately

TikTokers I’ve Been Watching Lately

It’s no secret I’m a fan of TikTok, I’ve been posting videos almost daily on my own TikTok channel for the last few months, and I love finding new sounds and making content. But today I thought I would share a list of the TikTokers I’ve been watching lately.

The TikTok algorithm is equal parts amazing and frightening in one. But recently, it’s really understood me and my needs, and been sharing a lot of my fave funny, relaxing, and relevant TikTokers.

Chanel Williams

If you’re a Harry Potter fan or just love comedy, then you have to follow Chanel Williams. I think she may be my favourite TikTok influencer. Not only is her humour incredibly relatable, but it’s also exceptionally clever. And nothing will beat her Professor McGonagall impression.


Another comedian with relatable comedy sketches. Kris is Canadian and her sketches often revolve around everyday things, like her recent ‘imagine if we said all our intrusive thoughts aloud’ video – that one’s an eye-opener.

Tom Ayling

Anyone interested in books and history – hello, a publisher with a history degree over here! – then watch Tom Ayling’s video. He’s an antiquarian bookseller based in Henley. He shares the historical background of many of the books he sells in his shop. From the discovery of Jane Austen’s identity through a biographical notice published posthumously in Northanger Abbey, to the history of a signed private program from a production starring Charles Dickens.


A make-up TikTok channel, where Olivia tries ridiculously expensive make-up products. I don’t really have any interest in the cosmetics themselves, but her tone is so relaxing and her videos strangely addictive.


If you’re after wholesome TikTok content then follow Riley and her mum. Riley is a little Scottish girl obsessed with ducks and the colour yellow. The channel is run by her mum and just shares some of the hilarious things Riley does, from mispronouncing Harry Potter character names to getting over-excited at a duck-decorated bedroom. It’s so sweet!


Two sisters, funnily enough, twins, living in the UK but originally from the US (I think it’s the US?!) They’re dancers and very funny, especially when incorporating dances into their sketches. I particularly they’re videos about the UK vs US way of doing things, such as a heatwave or putting things in the ‘boot’.


And finally, Violet Hollow. This is a strange TikTok channel I enjoy. It’s literally Violet opening boxes of things like American Candy, Disney collectibles, and other things no one needs. It’s strangely satisfying and I’m invested in her collection of Disney Keys.

Those are the TikTokers I’ve been watching recently. If you’ve got TikTok which TikTokers have you been watching of late? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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