Thoughts I've Had During Lockdown

Thoughts I’ve Had During Lockdown

Thoughts I’ve Had During Lockdown

We’re well into week 10 of life in lockdown and today’s 30 Day Challenge post is all about the thoughts I’ve had during lockdown.

Thoughts I’ve Had During Lockdown

I’ve separated them into a few sections, but below is the general gist of my psyche during this time.

When this is over…

‘Will I remember how to interact with people when this is finally over?’

‘When I get out of this I’m going to get on a train and travel to somewhere in the UK I’ve never seen before.’

‘Why does the government’s decision to send people back to work who can’t possibly work from home – the majority of which are working-class people in zero-hour jobs – resemble a lot of the Poor Law Acts of the 1800s when there was such a thing as the deserving and undeserving poor?’

‘Remember when it was rude to cross the road to avoid a person, now it’s rude not to?’

The boredom is real

‘Am I showering because I’m bored?’

‘Am I really hungry, or am I just eating my feelings?’

‘How was your weekend…so funny when the answer is the same ten weeks in a row!’

‘What does my cat think is going on?’

Living with my parents

‘Why did I not bring more clothes to my parent’s house?’

‘I’ve reverted to a fifteen-year-old again. Complete with slamming my door, huffing and excessive eye-rolling.’

‘I’m moving home at the end of April.’

‘I’m moving home at the end of May.’

‘I’m moving home at the end of June.’

‘Am I ever going to be able to move back home?’

‘Why am I paying £1000 a month for a flat I’m not living in!’

Health and Diet

‘Is it wrong of me to order new clothes during lockdown? Even though I can no longer fit in half of them?’

‘Should I exercise… Nah. I’ll work it off when lockdown lifts.’

‘I’m not going to fit in my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding in October. Fuck it, I want a snickerdoodle.’

Working from Home

‘Remember three months ago when we had to beg to work from home… are we now going to have to beg to work in the office?’

‘I really hate Zoom.’

‘Is it okay to take naps on your lunch break?’

‘I forgot to prepare for that meeting…quick grab the cat. She’ll distract them.’ (always works, FYI)

What thoughts have you had while in lockdown? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Thoughts I've Had During Lockdown

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