Things to do during Self-Isolation
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Things to do during Self-Isolation

Things to do during Self-Isolation

Okay, we all seem to be in the same boat – or room – at the moment. Instead of doing a post on anxiety and self-awareness, I thought instead I would share a list of ideas of things to do during self-isolation to pass the time.

Things to do during self-isolation

Just an FYI, some of these are silly and others are serious. You choose which is which though.

Learn the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious dance from Mary Poppins

I was meant to see Mary Poppins in the West End next week, but since that has undoubtedly been cancelled, I’ve decided to attempt to learn the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious dance instead! And to see what dance I mean, check out this video from Royal Variety Show.

Skip to 10:17 to see the dance portion I mean. Good luck!

Try Yoga or Pilates or some other form of bendy shit

Ever told someone that you were going to start watching those Yoga teachers on YouTube and get your fitness on. Well, now’s your chance.

Attempt the splits

Who knows how long self-isolation is going to last. If you try stretching every day you may well be able to do the splits at the end of it! Just stretch carefully and warm up with some jumping jacks beforehand.

Finish DIY projects

Got some shelves you’ve been meaning to put up, or do you want to change out some photos from their frames around the house? Maybe you really want to touch up the paint in the corner of the room, or fill a hole from a badly hung shelf? If you haven’t got the products just Amazon Prime it, or see what you have lying around the house.

Spring clean, anyone?

It may well be the most appropriate time to give your home a spring clean, and I mean the ultimate spring clean. When was the last time you dusted your curtain rails? Or cleaned behind your TV? What is the underside of the bed looking like, or the back of the bathroom mirror? You’ve probably got all the cleaning materials you need, and more, now so have a good scrub.

Start a blog, YouTube Channel or Insta Stories

To stay social and interact with people I am both blogging and also Insta-storying my day. Mostly, I’m talking to myself and people are welcome to listen if they choose, but so far I’ve only heard nice things. And it’s something to pass the time.

Rearrange your bookshelf, kitchen cupboards, or wardrobe

Go have a mess around with everything and see how fresh you can make it look at the end of it. You can have a good clear our and Marie Kondo some things too if you like, just be prepared to live with some black bin bags in your house for a while!

Make lists!

I love a good list. I love List Challenges, as it’s full to the brim of lists about books, food, films etc. Plus you can make your own. You can also make your own lists on Amazon wish lists, via Goodreads, or simply on your notes app. Go and make lists about your food shop (good luck!), dream home decor, clothes from ASOS, songs you want to download, movies you want to see, books you want to read etc

Call and FaceTime people

The colleagues and I have arranged a weekly coffee morning and a lunch, via Microsoft Teams to keep us all sane and available to see each other. Although if some of us haven’t had showers or put our bras on I imagine it will mostly be via our headsets. But I’m also regularly FaceTiming my family – still trying to teach my parents how to multi-FaceTime though! Plus, Instagram stories with friends and whoever else wants to message me!

Use a notebook too…

There is always, without fail, a notebook somewhere in the house. Find it! And do something with it. Whether that be turning it into a diary of your self-isolation, or creating an art journal, photo album, or bullet journal. You could turn it into a vision book, use it to start writing that novel or poetry collection you’ve always wanted, or simply to doodle in.

What do you suggest others do in their time in self-isolation? All tips are welcome! Please do share in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Things to do during Self-Isolation

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