Things I will be doing during self isolation

Things I Will Be Doing During Self Isolation

Things I Will Be Doing During Self Isolation

After my post on things I won’t be doing during self isolation, today I thought I would share a list of things I will be doing. I’m not totally out of the loop.

Things I will be doing during self isolation

Writing my novel

A lot of people joked that they would be writing their book during self-isolation, but I am genuinely writing my next novel. My first is with my agent currently, but the second one is now in the works! Writing groups and writing sessions abound during this quarantine.

Playing The Sims

Unlike many, who are addicted to Animal Crossing, I rediscovered The Sims. I used to be a purely Sims 2 player, but since getting a Mac I’ve had to move to The Sims 4 but never had a chance to properly get into it. It’s the perfect escape, and good fun too!

Having quiz night with family and friends

Zoom, Houseparty, and Microsoft Team quizzes abound! The family and I have a weekly quiz, where so far my mum and I have come first and second. We are the champions, my friends…


I’ve never read so much, so quickly! I’m nearly down to one book a day. And I mean a 200-300 page book a day. How I have the time or the energy I’ve no idea.

Watching comforting movies and TV shows

My parents and I tend to watch TV when we’re eating dinner, and since I’m very anti-the-plague (my term for COVID-19) we’re watching more TV and films. We’ve just finished Portrait Artist of the Year – yes, I know. How middle-class are we? – but we also watched Airplane I and Airplane II as I had never seen them. They’re pretty ridiculous, and great for a laugh if you’re in need of it.


This is the best thing to come out of COVID-19 for me. I’ve napped so much, and I Love it. Oh, it’s so relaxing. I get up, have breakfast, play a round of Sims or read a book and then go to bed for two hours at lunch. Perfection.

But there we go, there are the things I will be doing during self isolation. What about you? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Things I will be doing during self isolation

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