The Selfie Bag by Cotton Co Review

I was recently approached to do a review of The Selfie Bag by Cotton Co and I thought ‘hell yes!’ I’ve recently got back into TikTok and I’m off on some travel adventures soon, so I thought an on-the-go selfie kit would be kind of perfect for me.

What does The Selfie Bag contain? Well, firstly it’s a gorgeous, good-quality, canvas tote bag with a graffiti-style design which I love. A definite pop of colour for when you’re casually out and about, or hanging out with friends. Inside the bag there is a hidden pocket and a zip closure to keep your pop-up reflector, LED ring lift and, of course, your Bluetooth selfie stick.

As with every product, there are pros and cons. These are my honest thoughts.


Now, it retails at ¬£27.95, inc P&P, which sounds a bit pricey at first for what is effectively a tote bag and some accessories. But, if you were to buy each item separately it would always amount to more, and it’s unlikely you’d find as good storage options in a stylish tote bag.

Unfortunately for me, my LED doesn’t work so I didn’t get a chance to use it properly. But it is a pro that it clips directly onto the phone and sits over the top, without disrupting your camera or the image. Very easy to use and great for when you’re out and about and can’t set anything up especially.

The tote bag is gorgeous! And comes in handy when going shopping, at work or when I’m out with friends in addition to being a storage system for my selfie kit items. The bag is produced by Cotton Co, whose sister company is Paper Co, who make sustainable paper bags in all shapes and sizes, for gift giving, travel, work reasons and more.

The Selfie Bag


I was a bit disappointed to see that the selfie stick doesn’t allow you to turn your phone vertically. As I use TikTok a lot and also share on Instagram Stories and Reels, having to film in landscape at all times, or twist my arms and hold it to film in vertical, is a bit unusual for me. I do a lot of my selfies with the stand actually standing and then I step back or I talk to the camera. But it does mean when it’s stood or I’m walking I capture a lot of the background in photos/videos, which is great if I’m standing by historical buildings, beautiful views or with a group of others.

As my ring light doesn’t work it meant I relied on the pop-up reflector when taking selfies with this kit. As someone who is standing alone with a selfie stick, however, I didn’t quite know how to use the pop-up reflector as it doesn’t attach to anything. If I’m propping the phone up on the stand and walking back a bit, it’s fine as I clean lean it against the stand or something nearby. But when walking and talking it was pretty difficult to use, so I typically didn’t bother. If the LED light worked I would have that used more often.

Final Thoughts

I would never have thought to purchase a selfie bag before, but it’s a fun way to make the slightly embarrassing habit of taking selfies easier and stylish. If someone I knew was massively into travel or constantly snaps then it’s a good recommendation and/or gift. Not something for the everyday, but a fun add-on.

The Selfie Bag Cotton Co

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