The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag

The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag

The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag

A quarter of the year has come and gone, so of course, it’s time to mark the moment with a book tag. Today’s tag is the Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag.

How many books have you read so far?

To date, I have read 30 books out of 100 in my Goodreads goal.

Have you already found a book you think might be a 2022 favourite? If not what was your favourite book you read that wasn’t quite five star?

I don’t think I’ve found a favourite favourite book – one that I really love and would recommend to everyone. But I’ve read some good books. I would recommend Poirot and Me by David Suchet if you’re a fan of the TV series. Sense and Sensibility and Goodbye Mr Chips are two very good re-reads I would also recommend.

Any 1 star books / least favourite book of the year?

I really didn’t enjoy The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood. This is one of the TikTok Made Me Buy It, and quite frankly TikTok I want my money back. It’s supposedly this ‘hot’ romance book and I can tell you now that the ‘hot’ element doesn’t begin until page 260 and before that, you have to put up with a mostly mediocre romance and way too much science talk. It had one of the most graphic and uncomfortable sex scenes  I’ve ever read. Seriously, I would rather watch episode 6 of Bridgerton series one with my Grandmother than read a passage of the sex scenes from this book. Nope. Bad.

Most read genre so far?

My most read genre so far has actually been non-fiction. I’ve read 9 non-fiction books to date. A mix of history, personal development and career development books.

A book that surprised you?

I was quite surprised by Sugar by Bernice L. McFadden. I read this for my works book club and I was surprised by the graphic nature of the book compared to the cover and the pitch. I was surprised by the ending, and also by the fact it is technically a reissue after being first published in 2000. All in all, not a great book sadly.

Book that’s come out in 2022 already that you want to read but haven’t yet?

Ooh, I want to read Elektra by Jennifer Saint. I do have this book and have had it for a while, but I’ve not been so interested in Greek Myth retelling this side of Christmas. Hopefully, my passion for the niche genre will kick in soon and I’ll reach for this.

One goal you made that you’re succeeding at.

I’m not thriving at any of my Bookish Resolutions, but I’m not falling behind either.

One goal you made you need to focus on.

I do need to try reaching for books in genres outside of my comfort zone. I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction and classics, but still not tried a horror, sci-fi or fantasy as per my goals.

New to you Booktubers/bookstagrammer/booktokers for 2022 you recommend?

And finally, the BookTuker I’ve recently discovered and really enjoy watching is Jack Edwards on YouTube. He does a lot of reading challenges and his reviews are genuinely very good and entertaining to watch.

But that’s it for the Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag. What would your answers be? Feel free to do the tag or answer the questions in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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The Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag

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