The Good Zest Company Review

The Good Zest Company | Sponsored Post

The Good Zest Company | Sponsored Post

I’ve recently been trying a lot of bath and beauty products, trying to find my new favourites. Today I’m sharing a review of The Good Zest Company products.

The Good Zest Company is a British citrus organic skincare and hair care brand that began operating in 2020. It’s waste-free and the products are organic. The founder, Rose Sergeant, is a clinical aromatherapist and has found a way to eliminate harmful chemicals from everyday beauty and hair products like body washes, shampoo and hair oil.

The Good Zest Company Products

I was lucky enough to be sent two products for review: Organic Lemon Body Wash and Organic Orange Body Polish.

The Good Zest Company

Both products are in reusable and recyclable aluminium containers, which you are encouraged to return to Good Zest when you have three or more empty containers. They’re really tactile and look aesthetically pleasing in the bathroom.

If you prefer a pump rather than a screw cap you can also purchase a ‘Pump for Life’ for £1 which you can reuse in all your products. I love that no-waste is a big focus for this brand, yet they still help customers to have the best experience with each product.

The Good Zest Company Review

Each of these products is made with natural essential oils and ingredients, which are often combined with pestle and mortar by Rose and her artisan staff.

Orange Body Polish

However, before I begin my review, I have to admit that I’ve yet to try the Orange Body Polish as it contains almonds. I have a nut allergy, although I’m getting a test in a few weeks to find out if this is still the case, and if so, which nuts am I actually allergic to? Long story short, until I’ve had that test I can’t risk having a reaction so I have yet to sample the Body Polish.

Nevertheless, the Body Polish smells amazing! I love the scent of orange. It’s got a really interesting texture – very wet, but with grains of Scottish sea salt to buff out the skin – and it’s a really large container so it will last a long time.

I’m so intrigued and desperate to use it, so fingers crossed I’ll discover I’m not allergic to almonds. And if I discover I can’t try it, I’ll gift it to a friend who I’m sure will enjoy it.

Lemon Body Wash

That being said, I did get to try the Lemon Body Wash and I really like it! Honestly, I’ve never been fond of lemon-scented bath products. For me, I’ve always thought of lemon as a scent of cleaning products. In this case, it’s really vibrant and quite subtle once you’ve buffed it into the skin.

Made with aloe vera as well as essential oils – all ingredients on their product page – it bubbles really nicely on the skin and lingers for a couple of hours after you dry off. My skin felt quite tight after use, which is something I often experience after using citrus products, but also really soft.

Overall, if you’re looking for natural skincare then definitely try The Good Zest Company. I love that they share all of their ingredients on each product page – my fault for not raising my nut allergy before! – and that each product is made in-house from natural ingredients. They smell amazing, the containers are great and their ethos is fantastic. Give them a go.

Love Ellie x

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The Good Zest Company Review

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