The Fall Tag 2022
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The Fall Tag 2022

The Fall Tag 2022

As is tradition, it’s time for an Autumn/Fall Tag, this time the Fall Tag 2022. I got the questions from Christina’s Chic Corner. Feel free to have a go at answering them yourself.

1. What is your favourite Fall lip product?

For me, I love an oldie but a goodie, No. 30 by Rimmel London. It’s dark tone berry red, but extremely creamy.

2. What is your favourite Fall nail colour?

I don’t tend to wear that much nail polish, mostly because I bite my nails. Yes, I know, bad habit. But if I were to wear a nail colour for fall/autumn, it would be dark green.

3. What is your favourite Fall scent?

Hmm, I do love a Pumpkin scented candle. Usually, the sweeter the better. My favourite is from T.K. Maxx. In terms of perfume, I prefer to wear my Jean Paul Gautier perfume from September-November.

The Fall Tag 2022

4. What is your favourite Fall accessory?

It’s got to be a scarf. The longer and thicker the better. My favorite place to get them is H&M, they’re affordable and extra cosy.

5. What signifies the start of Autumn to you?

For me it’s the scent in the air, it smells like it’s about to rain. Usually, it happens just after the summer heat dissipates and we start to get Autumn showers. Best smell and feeling ever.

6. What is your most fond Autumn memory?

My family and I used to go on holiday in October half-term and my favourite memory was in Canada when I was about 6 years old. We were the only family staying in the hotel in Toronto and the staff treated us kids like kings and queens. There were Halloween cookies, they took us trick or treating around the hotel, we were spoilt and it was lovely.

7. What are you most excited for this Fall?

Just Autumn in general. It felt like the Summer went on forever this year. Probably because of the family health struggles that me and the fam went through, once again. But I like the changing on the season and the cosier evenings setting in.

8. What is your favourite outdoor Fall activity?

I don’t have any particular favourite, but I do enjoy walking on the crunchy leaves on my walk home.

9. Have you ever gone apple picking?

My great-aunt had an apple tree in her back garden, and this year was the last year I’ll be able to pick the apples. But I’ve never been to an apple orchard to pick, which is strange as my hometown has a famous apple orchard in it, and apple-picking is basically a town tradition.

10. What are some of your favourite Fall foods?

Soup. It is officially soup season. I will be making bucket loads of potato and leek soup, tomato soups and corn chowder. My favourites.

Fall Tag 2022

11. Do you prefer food that is apple or pumpkin flavoured?

Neither. I’m not really a fruit-fan, but if I had to pick I would probably go apple flavoured.

12. Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Given that I’m from the UK it’s always going to be Halloween. This year I’m off to a boat party for Halloween so I need to get my costume sorted asap.

13. What is your favourite thing about Fall?

The changing colours. Everything is warm-toned and nature changes most noticeably. Also, I love the fashion colours of this season with mustard yellows and rust oranges.

14. What is your least favourite thing about Fall?

I don’t like the weather getting colder or it getting darker in the evenings and mornings. It’s all a bit rubbish going to work in the dark and then getting home in the dark as well.

15. Describe the Fall weather where you live.

It’s usually quite wet in Autumn. If it’s not storming it’s drizzling, and if it’s neither it’s cold.

What is your favourite thing about Fall? And what would be your answers to these questions? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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The Fall Tag 2022

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