The Cosy Autumn Book Tag 2022
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The Cosy Autumn Book Tag

The Cosy Autumn Book Tag

I did this book tag a year ago, but without looking at those answers I thought I would re-try. So this is the Cosy Autumn Book Tag 2022.

The Cosy Autumn Book Tag

What book always reminds you of fall/autumn?

For me, a quintessential Autumn read is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. As the name suggests, it mostly takes place at night and with the magic, it has that witchy feel that is perfect for Halloween reading vibes.

What is your favourite autumnal book cover?

My current favourite Autumnal book cover is Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell. There’s something about the dark blue and the foliage around the letter H that just gives me all the Autumn feels.

Hamnet Cosy Autumn Book Tag

What is your favourite autumnal drink to read with?

I’m a Cadbury’s Instant Hot Chocolate girl, through and through. Inexpensive and tasty, just what I enjoy.

Do you prefer to read late at night or early in the morning?

I’m mostly a late-at-night reader. From sitting in my chair with a paperback, drinking a hot chocolate and wrapped in a blanket, to reading on my kindle before going to sleep.

Halloween is coming! What is your favourite spooky read?

I’m not a ‘spooky’ read kind of girl, usually, but I don’t mind a classic like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving or The Chimes by Charles Dickens.

What is the ultimate comfort read for you?

Always Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It’s my childhood in a novel, and it’s so short and easy to read. My go-to ‘sad’ or ‘ill’ read, for getting through it.

What is your favourite autumnal reading snack?

Biscuits! Doesn’t matter what kind, just biscuits. At the minute I’ve been chomping through Party Rings a mile a minute. But my mum’s homemade snickerdoodles are my absolute fave.

What is your favourite autumnal candle to burn whilst reading?

My favourite Autumnal candle is the Pumpkin Spice candle from T.K. Maxx. It’s now defunct, but there are plenty of others within the same group of candles from Pumpkin Bourbon to Pumpkin Vanilla candles.

When you’re not reading, what is your favourite autumnal activity?

I’m a full-on binge watcher, so for me my favourite Autumn activity is watching a TV series or trying a new movie. Autumn for me is a month to slow-down personally, before the madness of Christmas kicks in.

What is on your autumn/fall reading list?

This year, my Autumn reading list has been full of memoirs. From Madly Deeply: The Alan Rickman Diaries to Behind the Wand by Tom Felton. There are quite a few on the list and I’m going to bash right through them.

But that’s it for the Cosy Autumn Book Tag 2022. Let me know what your answers would be in the comments below, or if you do the tag don’t forget to share the link!

Love Ellie x

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The Cosy Autumn Book Tag 2022

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