The Beauty of a Capsule Wardrobe

The Beauty of a Capsule Wardrobe | An Interview with the Founder of Thought Clothing

The Beauty of a Capsule Wardrobe | An Interview with the Founder of Thought Clothing

Recently I shared a review of some Bamboo Socks I was lucky enough to be sent from Thought Clothing. Today I’m sharing an interview with the founder of the company, Rachel about the beauty of a capsule wardrobe.

The Beauty of a Capsule Wardrobe Rachel Thought

Interview with Rachel, founder of Thought Clothing

1) How would you describe a capsule wardrobe to someone who doesn’t know what it is? 

A capsule wardrobe is, essentially, a limited selection of clothes (the number is up to you!) which are classic in style, and generally neutral in colour that can be mixed and matched with each other in any number of ways to work together as a cohesive look – or with an item not from your core selection but which will add a hint of colour or pattern to your final outfit. 

They’re great, particularly for those days when you need to look put together but don’t have much time to decide what to wear (and don’t we all have days like that?!) and, because a key element to them is that they should feature more classic looks, choosing to have one means you’re more likely to stay away from those more fleeting styles, silhouettes or shades which might not pass the test of time and could end up looking a little dated before you’ve had a chance to wear them too often. 

2) Can you give advice on how someone can start building their own capsule wardrobe, and what steps they should take? 

First off, it’s important to remember to enjoy it! There are some principles to putting your capsule look together, but make sure you’re excited by the process too. 

It’s definitely worth taking a few notes to get you focused on what you think you should include. Consider how you spend most days and what pieces you already have that you know you reach for time and again. 

Rachel Thought Clothing

Also, have in mind your go-to hues – whether you prefer black and white separates, or an understated colour such as cream, grey or pale blue, and perhaps a darker palette like navy and brown for outerwear – great, not least, for practicality purposes. 

Once you’ve honed in on how and where you’ll use your new wardrobe and picked out a few subtler tones you know you enjoy wearing – you can start building! While capsule wardrobes can have as many items as you like, so as not to be overwhelmed, choose around 7 to 10 items such as:

  • smart jeans and or trousers 
  • a relaxed fit skirt 
  • a blouse and or tee 
  • a versatile, easy-wear dress 
  • some kind of mid-layer (eg a cardigan, jumper or knitted vest) 
  • a midweight coat / jacket (depending on the season, a trench coat, parka or blazer work well) 
  • shoes (examples could be white trainers, classic flats, black biker boots). 

This list is yours to play with, of course. If you never wear skirts, skip it, and if you’re not a fan of t-shirts but love a smart shirt – choose that. 

The key thing is that you’re putting together looks that work with each other, and you can add pops of colour and statement with your accessories from a cool scarf to a collar necklace or whatever you like. 

3) Can you discuss the benefits of having a capsule wardrobe, both for the individual and for the environment? 

Without doubt the biggest benefit of a capsule wardrobe for the individual is the time it saves. Most of us are super busy women and, with all the best intentions of planning our outfits the night before etc, realistically, this probably doesn’t happen all the time (or at all, for some of us). Having a great selection of set looks means you can put your outfit together quickly and feel confident it will work. 

From an environmental point of view, just deciding to make some conscious choices about what you wear already means you’re making a difference because you’re more likely to buy pieces that you’ve thought will really work for your everyday life. And if you choose natural fabrics like organic cotton, hemp and bamboo, not only will you be making a more eco-friendly choice with the materials, but you’ll also be choosing yarns which are super-soft and genuinely comfy. Both of these factors will mean you wear your outfits more – and more wear means less waste and, in turn, less impact on the planet. 

In addition, as classic styling, silhouettes and colours are a major factor in capsule pieces, you should also find you’re buying products that will stand the test of time and work from season to season with the right layering – so you might not feel the need to buy so often, which, in itself, is a more sustainable approach to clothes shopping. 

Remember too, though, that the capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be prescriptive: it’s not the beginning and end of everything you wear unless you want it to be. So, if you find a beautiful standout dress for a special occasion or a bold print skirt you can’t resist – go for it! And, hopefully, it should pair with something from your more neutral selection. Above all, have fun with it: love your outfit choices and feel great wearing them every day.

Thank you to Rachel for supplying this wonderful interview. I can’t wait to put together my Capsule Wardrobe.

Love Ellie x

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The Beauty of a Capsule Wardrobe

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