Stocking Fillers Under £5
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Stocking Fillers Under £5

Stocking Fillers Under £5

Who doesn’t love a Stocking Filler? But do we really want them to cost loads? We want to save the larger costs for the larger presents. So here are some stocking fillers under £5.

Divine Chocolate Coins – £2.50

There is nothing more Christmas than waking up to some chocolate coins. Grab some slightly fancier ones from Divine for only £2.50.

Hydrating Face Mask – £3

Gift someone some pamper items, from hydrating face masks with Aloe Vera to scented clay masks.

Harry Potter Trivia Cards – £4

If you’re a Harry Potter fan – like me! – then this kind of stocking filler always add a little fun to the day.

Drag Race Pencil Set – £4.95

Pencils aren’t always the ideal gift, but I think these are sweet! Ohh Deer also sell a Gavin & Stacey and Star Wars set. I just personally love Drag Race!

Barry M Chisel Cheek Set – £4.85

If you have a loved one or a friend who loves cosmetics then treat them to a contour set from Barry M. It’s tiny and will easily fit into a stocking and it’s under a fiver. Perfect!

The Mini Bonsai Kit – £4.99

I know so many people who would love this little kit! Bonsai and Cacti seem to be the chosen houseplants of many of my peers.

Planter Pin Badges – £5

Speaking of plant mums and dads, why not treat them to see these super cute plant badges.

Palm Reading: A Little Guide to Life’s Secrets – £4.99

How many of us have tried to figure out our life lines from our love lines on our palms. This little book will keep a person quiet for hours on Christmas morning.

TeaPigs: Spiced Pear Limited Edition Tea – £3.99

For the tea lovers in your life, get them some limited edition Christmas tea!

Serenity List Planner – £5

And for those and friends and family members that love to plan – like me! – get them this planner. I know tons of people that love to jot down what they got for Christmas to send thank you cards. This would be the best stocking present.

And those are my suggestions for Stocking Fillers Under £5. But what would you suggest? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Stocking Fillers Under £5

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