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Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social | Funzing Talk 26th Feb 2019

Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social | Funzing Talk 26th Feb 2019

Last week I did my first-ever paid public speaking event with Funzing. I gave a talk on social media and whether or not it is affecting our relationships and ability to be social. Ironic given the name of the media I’m discussing.

It was my first ever talk and was hosted by Funzing UK who approached me a few months ago after an article I wrote for Huffington Post was published during their Scroll Free September month.

The talk was a huge success! At least, it was for me.

It was held at The Lighthouse Bar and Club in Shoreditch – incidentally during Forro Tuesday (they were all doing the samba downstairs!) – and the venue was pretty nice. I had a microphone and projector so all the bells and whistles.

Funzing Talk Social Media
Photo: Aimee Dewar

My bestie, her sister and two of my work colleagues, including my line manager – Hi Fran! – came along with me to support me, and make use of the Happy Hour (£10 per bottle of wine until 10 pm! Get in!) They kept me calm and stocked with wine – after the talk was done.

Everything went relatively smoothly and the audience of 26 was perfect for my first talk.

The first half lasted for just over 45 minutes and then the second was an hour, with a Q&A. The audience was fabulously engaged and eager to participate, which was great as I left my notes behind the projector and ended up freestyling the entire talk. Thank god I have a good memory.

Funzing Feedback

The Q&A wasn’t frightening in the slightest although I was asked so difficult questions the audience was so lovely and eager it was quite easy to answer everything and I hope I gave them the information they desired.

At least I didn’t get that audience member that starts with ‘I’m just playing devil’s advocate’. 

I think most audience members were shocked by the statistics I revealed on social media effects on the iGeneration – those born after 1995 but prior to 2012 – who have effectively grown up with social media from conception. Particularly regarding the change in the number of suicides, murders, and mental health GP appointments in young people. Heavy stuff.

Funzing UK Social Media audience

During the 15-minute break – which was needed by the time of got onto those statistics – I ended up being recorded for a podcast and asked questions by a lovely group of attendees. Then after the talk was over I spent another hour hanging out with the guests and trying not to blush at the praise I was being given.

It was so much fun!! And I would love to do it again.

Thank you for everything that came and for the feedback that you have left on the official Funzing page. Thanks again to everyone who came. Until next time.

Love Ellie x

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Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social | Funzing Talk

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