Six TV Series to Binge Watch in Autumn
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Six TV Series to Binge Watch in Autumn

Six TV Series to Binge Watch in Autumn

The nights are getting colder, it’s getting darker earlier. For me, there is nothing better than binge-watching a TV series over the weekend in Autumn. Put on those candles, grab a blanket and your favourite snacks and/or drinks and turn on the telly.

Here are six TV series binge watch this Autumn 2022.

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Amazon Prime)

If you’re a fan of high fantasy and gorgeous cinematography then turn on The Rings of Power. The series is now finished so you can binge the complete first season to discover more about the creation of The One Ring and the rise of Sauron. It’s full of surprises and gorgeous scenery, which makes up for the slightly over-dramatic script.

House of the Dragon (NowTV)

Another season, recently finished, House of the Dragon is the prequel series to Game of Thrones. Set 172 years prior to the events of A Song of Ice and Fire. This first season is bubbling with all the elements that made Game of Thrones such a success. If you’re pregnant though, don’t watch the first episode. My only warning.

Smallville (Amazon Prime)

If you’re after a long binge watch, then it’s time to dip into Smallville on Amazon Prime, or C4. This is a 10-part series with 20-23 episodes per series, that documents the history of Superman, prior to his becoming Superman from the comics. With fan favourite villains like Lex Luthor and Zod, and some great cameos from the early 2000s. It’s dated now, but still a lot of fun.

Stranger Things (Netflix)

Stranger Things has been a big deal for a while now but it wasn’t until this June that I binged the series. When I had COVID I ended up watching the four current series back-to-back, and then did it all over again.

It’s nostalgic with all the great 80s music, clothes and hairstyles – or not so great, depending on your preference – with a whole load of sci-fi storylines thrown in. It’s the cast of characters that makes this series brilliant though, you can’t help but love them.

Merlin (Netflix)

My favourite series growing up, this BBC fan favourite is a classic now. From the pivotal bromance between Merlin and Arthur, to the discovery of the Knights of the Round Table, the will-they-won’t-they romance between Arthur and Guinivere, and the slightly dodgy CGI dragon. It’s hilarious, romantic, action-packed and just wonderful. If you don’t like Merlin, I’m afraid we can’t be friends.

Once Upon a Time (Disney+)

And finally, another long series to dig into. This series is set in the town of Storyville where fairytale characters have been trapped in the ‘real-world’. It’s hard to describe until you watch the first episode but it’s very clever and yet easy to watch.

If each member of the Storyville community is a fairytale character, which one are they? Each season introduces a whole new set of characters from the cast from Frozen, Aladdin, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. It’s a lot of fun!

What is your favourite series to binge watch? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Six TV Series to Binge Watch in Autumn

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