Questions to ask when decluttering
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6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering

After the binge-watching session of Marie Kondo on Netflix quite a few of us started wondering if we should do some decluttering.

Clutter is proven to increase anxiety and mental health issues so it’s best to keep a clean and clear home/workspace wherever possible.

Questions to ask yourself when decluttering

With summer nearly upon us now is the perfect time for a bit of an end-of-spring clean. Get rid of those thick clothes and replace them with your spring and summer ones, start thinking about holidays and replacement items. Look at your kitchen and clear out those cupboards. Wipe down the surfaces, dust and clean the windows.

Then start on the smaller things like your make-up collections, bookshelves, bathroom shelves, shoe collection etc.

Decluttering isn’t always easy though so here are six questions to ask yourself whenever you get stuck on an item.

1. When was the last time I used this?

If it was a while ago – or never – you probably don’t need it. If this question refers to clothes or shoes – unless a special item like a wedding dress or graduation outfit – if you haven’t worn an item for a while it is usually because you know that something is either wrong with it or you don’t love it.

2. Will I miss this tomorrow?

If you’re not sure about whether or not you’ll miss something, put it in a charity bag and leave to the side. If you don’t dive into the bag to retrieve it the next day, or the day after that, then you probably don’t need or want it.

3. Will someone else love this more than me?

If it’s books, make-up, pottery or some kind of home decor consider if there is someone else you know who will like it. A young girl diving into make-up or perfume for the first time, a student moving to uni or a friend moving into a new place? A fellow book lover or music lover?

4. Can I replace it if I do end up needing it?

I find that this is the question I often ask when decluttering the kitchen when it comes to utensils. If I haven’t used something in a while and I know I’m not planning to for the immediate future, I consider whether or not I can buy another one on the cheap or borrow the item in question when I do need it. If so then I don’t need to have one of these items cluttering up space.

5. Where else could it go?

Sometimes finding a new home for something is just as good as decluttering it. A cupboard or a drawer is a dark space and we often shove things in there and they never see the light of day. If you find something you want to use but haven’t yet put it somewhere else, somewhere visible and see if you use it more. If not then chuck it, if yes then great!

6. Do I really need it?

Are you keeping those massive Great British Bake-Off scales for any practical use or because you think they’re pretty? What about those rollerblades you always trip over but never wear? Or those lipsticks that have a layer of dust on the lid? Truly take stock of your belongings and be honest with yourself. Nothing is irreplaceable.

Get decluttering today. And don’t forget there are more places than your home or work that can do with decluttering too. There’s also your car, your computer and your phone.

Love Ellie x

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