Simple Life-Changing Habits To Do in 2022

Simple Life-Changing Habits To Do in 2022

Simple Life-Changing Habits To Do in 2022

If you’re like me and feel that you’re in need of a bit of a reset after the last two years, here are some simple life-changing habits to do in 2022.

Stop multi-tasking

I am a massive multi-tasker, but not in the way people think. Because I have so many side hustles a lot of people naturally assume that I do a lot of things at once, and I don’t. If I’m writing, I’m only writing and if I’m working then I’m only working. However, I do multi-task in my everyday life. For example, when I’m cooking dinner I’m almost always simultaneously watching a Netflix show on my phone, doing the washing up, and moving things around my kitchen. More than once I’ve burnt my dinner and broken a glass as a result.

It’s not just there that I need to stop multi-tasking but also when I’m socialising. I need to stop flicking through my emails or tidying up when I should be focused on my friends or family. Or when I’m at work and I’m answering emails whilst on a Zoom call. When you actually focus on one thing, yes it may not feel as productive, but you’ll do it so much better and avoid making simple mistakes that take up even more time!

Stick to a simple skincare routine

You don’t need to purchase high-end cleansers, exfoliators, toners etc. You just need a basic skincare routine that keeps your skin healthy. I use an exfoliator on my face whenever I’m in the shower, put eye cream on before bed, always remove my make-up with make-up wipes, and use a moisturiser before or just after brushing my teeth. If I’ve got break-outs – which I do currently as a result of wearing masks on my commute and in the office – I also use micellar water before bed which targets impurities just to be sure I’ve got all the dirt off my face before going to sleep.  It will make your skin feel healthier and you feel confident.

Stop saying sorry

This is a big one for me. I am a massive people-pleaser, and I say sorry before I say hello sometimes. Instead of saying ‘Sorry for the delay’ after not responding to an email immediately I either say nothing and get on with replying or I say ‘thanks for your patience’. Instead of saying ‘sorry’ and just taking shit as well, I also fight for myself and what I believe. If I owe someone an apology for doing some wrong then yes, I say sorry. But I’m done saying it for every little thing which is not even negative or impactful.

Put your clothes out the night before

Since we’re returning to the life of socialising and commuting, a big tip from me is to get your clothes out the night before. I hate getting out of bed in the morning and I’m usually dead on my feet until I have coffee. So to stop myself walking out of the house in pyjama bottoms (did that!) or my bra showing through my shirt (also did that!) I lay my clothes out the night before. It saves time, brain cells and makes me feel prepared for the day ahead.

Drink more water

We’re always told to do this, but it’s so true! If I don’t drink at least a bottle of water a day I get light-headed to the point of vertigo. But I should be drinking three times that! I purchased one of those giant reusable water bottles with the hours in the day to remind me how much water I should have drunk by each point. Yes, it means I go to the toilet about 4 times a day because my body isn’t used to the amount of water in my system. But it also makes me more alert, my skin so much healthier, stops me from snacking, and keeps me refreshed. A win-win-win-win!

Stop people-pleasing

This goes hand in hand with stop saying sorry. Stop people-pleasing! Yes, it may feel good at the moment to see someone light up with joy that you’ve done a task for them. But don’t let them take advantage and don’t strive to make others happy to your own detriment. I used to take so much blame and criticism for mistakes that other people have made and I refuse to do that anymore. Not only did it give me an unwarranted bad reputation it also made me feel like a pushover. As soon as I stopped and I asserted myself confidence came flooding back, I felt I had respect from others and I felt more equipped to do the things I had to do, both in work and in life.


With the rising cost of living it is imperative that we budget in advance to cut corners and to save ourselves some cash. Knowing exactly where my money is going each month has really helped to stave off some unneeded anxiety in my life, and also plan more effectively. If I know I don’t have the money for a meal out with friends, I make a suggestion that it’s a night in instead. If I can’t afford to have lunch in the office every day, I make sure to batch cook enough to get me through until the end of the month.

Meal plan

And finally, meal plan! I’m still not very good at this, but having a meal plan when I’m ordering or shopping for groceries is key. It helps me to save money, to think ahead to lunches in the office, and days out with friends and family. And it saves me so much time! Plus, it’s made me more aware of what I put in my body. I snack about 50% less as a result.

What simple life-changing habits have you started to implement in 2022? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Simple Life-Changing Habits To Do in 2022

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