My Side Hustle Playlist

My Side Hustle Playlist

My Side Hustle Playlist

I LOVE working on my side hustles, particularly over the weekend. I set aside time for Side Hustle Sunday, where I spend the day at my desk being productive whilst listening to awesome tunes. And today I thought I would share my Side Hustle Playlist with you.

Of course, everyone’s music tastes are different. And, of course, some people don’t like to listen to music when they’re working. For me, I need the background noise. If it’s not this Side Hustle Playlist it’s my latest audiobook read.

What’s on my side hustle playlist?

Well, anonymous make-believe person, I love a good sing-along. Prepare for some cheesy uplifting tunes.

From go-to pop songs like Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran and Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill) by Kelly Clarkson. To the more indie The Underdog by Spoon and Legendary by Welshly Arms. The whole point of this playlist is to pump me up for a good day’s work.

None of these weepy-cinematic scores for side hustle Sunday. That’s concentration time, or for when I’m writing a sad scene in a book.

When I listen to this playlist I want The Script melodically shouting ‘The world’s gonna know your name’ and Rayelle telling me ‘It’s gonna be a good day’. 

But let me know what’s on your side hustle playlist. I’m always looking for good new tunes to fill up my playlists on Spotify. It can get boring to listen to the same songs over and over again. Except at Christmas, when we all know that the 80s classics are the best songs ever composed.

Are you more of a silent-working type, or do you need a rising score from Han Zimmer to propel you to finish a new project? Comment or tweet me to let me know. Music is a universal language after all.

Love Ellie x

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My Side Hustle Playlist

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