Secret Cinema Bridgerton Review
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Secret Cinema Bridgerton | Review | #SpoilerFree

Secret Cinema Bridgerton | Review | #SpoilerFree

This weekend I waltzed off to Secret Cinema Bridgerton Ball with two friends and colleagues Hannah and Sammy. We had an absolute blast!

After the event was rescheduled from December 2021 to March 2022, we moved our date to Saturday 5th March at 2 pm. From 2 pm to 5 pm we were immersed in the world of Netflix’s Bridgerton and it was incredible

Secret Cinema Bridgerton Spoiler Free Review

But this is a #SpoilerFree review so if you’re looking for tidbits and details then I’m afraid dear reader, I have to disappoint.

What did I think?

Having never been to a Secret Cinema event, but always been intrigued by them, I was very impressed.

I’m a big Bridgerton fan, both of the Netflix series and the books by Julia Quinn. Whilst you don’t need to be a massive fan – just someone who has at least watched the series – to enjoy yourself, having a little extra knowledge doesn’t go amiss.

What I can say, without spoiling anything, is that it’s a full-on immersive experience without the cringe that ‘immersive experience’ tends to bring on. It’s very well done and the actors are fully engaged throughout whenever you see or speak to them. Whether you’re shy, confident, or a little flirty… they’ll play along.

I went with two of my amazing friends from work and we spent most of the afternoon traversing from place to place in the venue to experience as much as we could within three hours.

The tickets were £75 each – and that’s without VIP – so it’s pricey. Plus you do have to pay for food and drink on the day. But it’s worth the money. We ended up getting raclette pots and baguettes and oh my god, cheese, flirtatious regency men, and hanging out with friends is a good mix.

Dressing up

Yes, we had to dress up and god help you if you didn’t because we were judging heavily!

We saw a few women wearing short, bodycon dresses like they were simply going on a night out, and honestly we all rolled our eyes. If you pay £75+ to attend a regency ball then at least make an effort. We all got our dresses from ASOS and Boohoo, so it was hardly difficult and so many people looked incredible on the day!

Secret Cinema Bridgerton

Speaking of our outfits, we all accidentally coordinated and ended up in flattering pastels. For £36 from ASOS, plus a few £5-10 accessories from Amazon, I felt pretty happy with my ensemble. And, the biggest plus, I can wear it again!

Secrecy and Organisation

Of course, I can’t say anything about the venue or the location. But I can say that it is a military campaign of organisation. After signing in with our tickets we were each asked to hand in our phones; they were put into locked parcels which you could only access if you went to the smoking area. Otherwise, they stayed in the lockers provided.

I loved that there were no distractions. The whole event was tailored-made to be fully immersive and by taking our phones away we were forced to be present and take everything in.

There are so many things to do throughout – not just eating! – so that you can never be bored. And the actors and staff make sure you’re involved as much as possible throughout. Plus, you’re encouraged to talk to everyone and ask questions, so it feels really welcoming.

Final Thoughts on Secret Cinema Bridgerton

I adored the Secret Cinema Bridgerton Ball, and if I could go back and experience it all again I would.

Each Secret Cinema event is tailored to a specific film or TV series. In the past, they’ve done Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, Stranger Things, and even 28 Days Later. If you’re thinking of getting tickets to the next Secret Cinema event – which I am! – I highly recommend it!

Yes, it’s pricey, but if you enjoy the theme then it will be an afternoon or an evening to remember. And if your friends or family aren’t interested in the theme but you really are Secret Cinema has a way that solo participants can still enjoy themselves so there is no need to miss out.

Love Ellie x

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Secret Cinema Bridgerton Review

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