Reviewing Lidl Costs from 2018 vs 2022
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Reviewing Lidl Costs from 2018 vs 2022

Reviewing Lidl Costs from 2018 vs 2022

In 2018 I shared a post with my £20 a week shopping list in London. At the time I was shopping exclusively at Lidl, as Lidl costs matched my paycheque. At the time I brought home about £1800 a month. Take rent, utilities and travel cost off of that and I didn’t have much disposable income left for food and fun.

But today I went and did a top-up shop at Lidl, and I noticed that the prices were definitely different, and I wanted to see the comparison of Lidl costs from 2018 vs 2022.

The reason the prices are higher is general inflation, and the rising cost of living is another. And I wanted to see if I could afford to live on £20 a week again.

Original Lidl Costs

Here is the list of the products I bought from Lidl in 2018, which you can see in my original post:

  • Simply Spaghetti – 20p
  • Tomato & Basil pasta sauce – 55p
  • Steak pies (double pack) – 49p
  • Strawberry and blackberry yogurt breakfast biscuits x5 – 99p
  • Spring onions – 48p
  • Beef mince – £1.49
  • Baking Potatoes x3 – 66p
  • Mars treats pack x13 – £2.19
  • Yogurts x4 – £1.09
  • Baby button mushrooms – 74p
  • Orange juice 2 litres – £1.35

And this is how much the products I bought from this list were today:

  • Simply Spaghetti – 23p – increase by 3p (15% increase)
  • Spring onions – 49p – increase by 1p (2% increase)
  • Mars treats pack x12 – £2.29 – increase by 10p (4.5% increase)
  • Baby button mushrooms 89p – increase by 15p (20% increase)
  • Strawberry yogurt biscuits x4 – £1.09 – increase by 10p (10% increase)

Other items I bought at Lidl today:

  • Olive oil spray – £1.99
  • Clear honey – 72p
  • Light Mayo – 65p
  • Mint sauce – 45p
  • Veg light spread – 85p
  • Salami – £1.99
  • Italian Proscuitto – £1.49
  • Microwave rice – 35p per pack
  • Medium white bread – 59p
  • Sea salt – 69p
  • Beef stock – 47p
  • Minstrels – £1.99
  • Aero Bubbles – 99p
  • Poppadoms – £1.25

I’m quite surprised by some increases. The baby mushrooms are 20% more expensive! And the breakfast biscuits have gone up by 10p and yet decreased as there are only 4 in a packet now?

Some of these increases are general inflation. I’m not mad at the spaghetti price increase and the spring onion price has barely increased at all. Yet, purchasing all the items I did in my top-up, in addition to a reusable bag which was £1.59 – cost nearly £20 altogether.

I did have some treats in there. The £1.99 chocolates probably should have gone back… but the rest of the shop, along with the items I have at home will take me through to next week at least. But then I’m likely going to need another top-up shop to get additional fruit and vegetables and to re-stock the freezer. You’ll notice I didn’t have much meat or any fish in this top-up shop.

Throw in some bacon – £1.99 for two packs of unsmoked – and some 5% fat beef mince – £1.99 a pack – the price is going to add up. It might be time to consider going veggie for a while…

But those are my current Lidl costs. Compared to 2018 they’re not massively higher, but they are noticeably higher. Every item is more expensive – even by 1p – than it was 4 years ago. That’s slightly worrying.

Love Ellie x

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Reviewing Lidl Costs from 2018 vs 2022

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