Recent Favourites: Spring 2021

Recent Favourites for Spring 2021

Recent Favourites for Spring 2021

I haven’t done a Favourites spoke in quite a while, so I thought I would do a mini-wrap-up of the little things I’ve been enjoying lately. It’s been a busy few weeks, so sometimes the smaller things can make all the difference to self-care.

The Resident (Disney+)

A recent re-watch of mine is The Resident which has recently been added to Disney+. It gives a clear insight into the mess of the American Healthcare system, alongside the typical hospital melodrama of a TV series. It’s surprisingly addictive to watch.

Shadow and Bone (Netflix)

I’ve never read any of the Shadow and Bone books by Leigh Bardugo, but after watching the series I think I might. I really enjoyed it and found it easy to grasp when initially I thought the premise was way too high-fantasy for me. I particularly loved the addition of the Crows from the Crow Club, who are characters from Leigh Bargudo’s Six of Crows duology. Looking forward to series 2 already!

What If? (Netflix)

I’ve been meaning to watch this movie for years, ever since it first came onto Netflix. However, I never got around to it. I watched it on a train and I was trying very hard to not laugh out loud. It’s very British, even though it’s set in Canada and I’m pretty sure that Daniel Radcliffe is playing himself. It’s very funny to see Adam Driver in his traditional comedic role, after re-watching the Star Wars series as well – big change!

MyForest 2.2 litre Bottle

Ever since I’ve moved back to London I’ve been meaning to drink more water, but somehow not been managing it. I decided to treat myself to a 2.2. Litre bottle which has instructions on the side as to what amount of water I should have drunk and by when. It’s great for making sure I drink my daily 8 cups – even if that does mean going to the loo about three times as much!

Bush Record Player

As a Christmas present, my parents got me a portable Bush Record Player and two albums. I’ve added two more albums to my collection. I’ve found that listening to an album on the player is the perfect come-down I need from a hard day’s work. Now to raid my parent’s Vinyl Collection from the 80s!


And for my favourite food of the month: Carbonara! It’s a lazy carbonara as I sometimes don’t even bother to add bacon and use the Schwartz powder to make it. But it’s delicious! I honestly eat it about three times a week. No judgement!

What have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Recent Favourites: Spring 2021

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