Recent Book Haul | June 2022

Recent Book Haul | June 2022

I’ve acquired a lot of books recently from charity shop book hauls to proof parties and recently leaving HarperCollins. Take a look at what books I’ve got recently, in my most recent book haul.

Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx

From a charity shop for 99p I got the short story Brokeback Mountain. I’ve never read the short story or seen the movie, so this will be my first foray into this LGBT classic.

The Wolf Den by Elodie Harper

Also from a charity shop, I managed to find this Pompeii-set retelling for just 99p. I’ve heard a lot of great things and I love an ancient re-telling so I’m looking forward to starting this trilogy.

The Iliac Crest by Cristina Rivera Garza

I first heard about this book on Emmie’s channel on YouTube. She recommended it as one of the best books she had read in 2021, I believe. It’s a literary novel that dispels gender binaries, originally written in Spanish it has been translated by Sarah Booker.

The Shell House by Linda Newbery

A dual timeline historical novel, this time set in the aftermath of World War One. Greg stumbles upon the ruins of an old Hall and sets out to find the missing heir who disappeared after the war. I believe there are LGBT+ elements to the story as well.

Deceived With Kindness by Angelica Garnett

When I came across it in a charity shop and read the first few lines I was intrigued. It follows the daughter of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, two of the Bloomsbury set, and sister and brother-in-law to Virginia Woolf.

The Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrante

I’ve yet to read an Elena Ferrante novel, but I now have two. This is the second and the most recent Elena Ferrante book. It was only 99p in a charity shop so I thought ‘why not!’. It follows Giovanna as she goes from childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

Complicit by Winnie M Li

First up for the proofs is Complicit. This novel is out 23rd June 2022, and it’s all about the world of movies and the misogyny that is still prevalent in the industry. We follow an almost famous actress who was on the cusp of stardom when she was severely mistreated by a man in the industry. Now she simply teaches students about Hollywood instead, helping them to learn the truth about the industry. I love a movie-set book, so I’m eager to read this one.

Not Exactly What I Had In Mind by Kate Brook

An upcoming romantic comedy out in July 2022. This story is unique for following two flatmates – Hazel and Alfie – who have already slept together. But before they can decide whether or not it was a mistake or a great idea, Hazel’s sister arrives to stay with her wife and it slightly complicates things. It sounds funny, intriguing, and realistic.

Tell Me Everything by Laura Kay

Another book I was sent by a lovely marketer is Tell Me Everything by Laura Kay. Laura previously wrote The Split which I’ve still yet to read, but really like the sound of it. Tell Me Everything is about a therapist who’s still living with her ex-girlfriend, having way-too-many one-night stands, and may have just met the woman of her dreams at the worst possible time.

We Were Dreamers by Simu Liu

In terms of my HarperCollins books, my lovely friend Hannah got me a copy of We Were Dreamers by Simu Liu – Shang-Chi for any Marvel Fans! He’s recently released a memoir and she got me a hard copy. Sadly I missed the opportunity to get it signed in person, but I’m looking forward to giving it a read.

Midnight in Everwood by M.A. Kuzniar 

This Nutcracker retelling has the most stunning cover and I’ve heard great things. It’s a gothic retelling of the favourite Christmas story, set in Nottingham in 1906.

Quite a few books this month! But many were given to me for free or under £3, so an inexpensive recent book haul!

What books have you bought or been gifted with recently? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Recent Book Haul | June 2022

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