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Photo Diary #1 | Bodium Castle

Photo Diary #1 | Bodium Castle

The other week we had a glorious day of sunshine! I got sunburnt and was thrilled. It was a gorgeous day and I spent it taking photos of a ruined castle (Bodium Castle) and riding on heritage steam trains.

Since I took a lot of photos I thought today I would share them on my blog.

Photo Diary

Bodium Castle
The outside of Bodium Castle in Sussex

Bodium Castle 2

Bodium 3
Inside the ruins
The innards of a tower
The innards of a tower. I love the line of sunshine coming through one of the windows
Sitting inside one of the towers
Me looking quizzical in one of the towers.
One friendly duck :)
One friendly duck 🙂
Beautiful Lake
The beautiful lake – or moat – of the castle 🙂
Top of Bodium Castle
View from the Top of Bodium Castle


Window Seat
Beautiful view through one of the windows
Train back to Kent! This was the Diesel train, but I originally came down on the steam train.
War memorial
The War Memorial
Lunch in town 🙂
The beautiful cafe I had lunch in. Affordable, empty and shabby chic! Perfect!
I did some writing whilst I was waiting for my food. A perfect end to the day!

I had a really lovely day, met up with some family and my dad, and just enjoyed the sunshine and wandering around the castle and old town.

What kind of things do you like to do on really sunny days? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Ellie x

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