Organising your Home this Autumn
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Organising your Home this Autumn

Organising your Home this Autumn

Feel like your home is cluttered or not as organised as you want it to be. Here are some tips on organising your home this Autumn.

Fridge Storage

I’ve been watching too many Cleantok videos of late and have become slightly obsessed with fridge storage. There is something incredibly satisfying about having an organised fridge.

There are plenty of affordable fridge storage options online or in-store. I recommend looking in B&M for some open trays that can be used to store sauces and cheese. Or online for boxes that can keep fruit and vegetable fresh and easily accessible.

Other options include a small lazy Susan – yes, a lazy Susan – for easy access to pre-chopped vegetables in jars, or bottles or jars.

Home Decor

Autumn home decor is available in abundance right now. From door wreaths and decorative garlands, to autumnal cushions and bedding. Add a bit of spice to your home with a few updates, giving you the perfect chance to give the house a clean as you do so.


With all those extra blankets and cushions, add a few baskets around the house to keep them out of the way when not in use, but still prettily accessible.

Empty and Re-stock Cupboards

With the autumn season the perfect time for batch-cooking soups and sauces, it’s definitely the perfect time to clear out the kitchen cupboards and make sure all ingredients are fresh and within date. It’s always a big annoyance to go to make something only to find that you’re missing a key element.

Autumn Spruce

Forget Spring Cleaning, it’s time for an Autumn Spruce. Head to B&M or Home Bargains and stock up on cleaning materials before getting to work. From the classic bicarb and vinegar plug clearances to washing all the bedding with extra Unstoppables to make them smell amazing. Wipe down the bathroom and kitchen, hoover the living room, and dust all surfaces.

Having a clean, tidy, and organised home is the best way to have a cosy autumn. How are you organising your home this autumn? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Organising your Home this Autumn

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