No Spend February The Year of 30 Day Challenges
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No Spend February | The Year of 30 Day Challenges

No Spend February | The Year of 30 Day Challenges

It’s time for my second 30 Day Challenge of 2023 as part of my Year of 30 Day Challenges. This month is officially No Spend February. Apart from the necessities of life such as bills, food and travel, I should not be spending money.

No Spend February Challenge

I put should as I live in London and I socialise a fair bit. I’m going to try and minimise this and concentrate on not-spending unnecessarily, such as instead of buying a round of drinks I’m going to invite friends over, or instead of a ticket to the cinema, I will go to a free museum etc.

For the next 30 days, I can only buy or pay for the following:

  • Food – x2 grocery trips, and no top-up shops unless absolutely necessary. I must try to not buy lunch out but prepare my meals in advance
  • Travel – I can top up my Oyster card and pay for trains to visit my family + taxis for safety (I don’t like walking home after 10pm) + one pre-planned event
  • Bills – they need to be paid!
  • Savings – I have a standing order so the money should just out without my noticing
  • Rent – duh!
  • Haircut – I already had this booked in and I need it as my last was cancelled due to ill health, so the money has already been saved from the previous month
  • Klarna – I have a few Klarna and Clearpay spends that are going to come out in Feb from previous purchases

No Spend February was purposely chosen as it’s the shortest month of the year. I did this challenge in 2022 and I found the shorter month a lot easier to manage. But my hopes are that I can contain my spending and save more than normal so that in March when I’m going on a spa weekend I can splash out.

Have you ever attempted a 30 Day Challenge or a No Spend Challenge? Let me know in the comments below. I will share the results and learnings from No Spend February at the end of the month. Wish me luck!

Love Ellie x

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No Spend February The Year of 30 Day Challenges

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