New York City Solo Trip Bucket LIst

My New York City Solo Trip Bucket List

My New York City Solo Trip Bucket List

In a few weeks’ time, I’m off to New York City on my own! That’s right, I’m going solo. And I thought I would put together and share my New York City solo trip bucket list.

This is a personal choice that has come around for three reasons:

  1. My therapist gave me the task of booking a holiday for myself – so of course, I chose NYC
  2. I’ve been to NYC before but didn’t manage to fit in everything I wanted to do
  3. I love travelling solo!

Last year I went to Edinburgh on my own and I generally travel around London on my own – granted I live here now but I was a tourist for quite a while before then.

Normally my best friend and I go on holiday together – hey Freyja! – but we went to New York City together two years ago and I thought this time I would go solo.

New York City Solo Trip Bucket List

Because I’ve already been to New York City I’m in the unique position of not having to do all of the touristy things that you’re encouraged to do. i.e. Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square etc.

On my last trip, Freyja and I managed to squeeze a lot in, during the weekend we were there. This time around I am there for four nights and five days and I’ve got a list of hipster, small things to do – as well as a few tourist things I missed out on last time.

Hipster Life

Starting with my hipster wishlist. I never did Brooklyn when I was last in New York City so this time around I want to remedy that with a trip to Williamsburg and the eateries and flea markets that I know I will love.

I’ve also curated a list of flea markets and thrift shops that I want to visit in NYC. Screw 5th Avenue I’m off to Beacon’s Closet and L Train Vintage.


I desperately want to try frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity Cafe. Ever since I watched Serendipity, the John Cusack/Kate Beckinsale movie I’ve always wanted to go. So this is a must this time around. Also, last time I was in New York I didn’t get a ‘pie’ i.e. a pizza slice. I know! Shocking. Then there’s brunch. I want to sip some weird herbal tea whilst eating eggs benedict and writing like the Sex and the City wannabe I was meant to be.

While I’m in NYC I’m also going to be checking out the Zero-Waste stores! Just because I’m going travelling doesn’t mean that I am letting those standards drop. Plastic-free packaging/straws/cutlery at the ready. I’ll be doing a post on this soon so keep your eyes open for that.


So book blogger/publisher/writer I need to take advantage of the bookshops in New York City. It’s in my core. So this time I will hit The Strand Book Store. Last time, my friend and I came across The Strand’s bookshop bookstall outside Central Park but this time I’m going to the actual store.

Also, New York City’s public library. I didn’t even sit on the steps last time. I may even book myself onto one of the library’s one-hour tours (it’s free!). Not to mention, every time I see a Barnes & Noble I’m going in. I know they’re effectively the American version of Waterstones, but… whatever. I love them! They’re my US happy place.

Another bookshop I’ve come across that interests me is Three Lives – they don’t arrange the books in any order so that you can come across books serendipitously rather than looking for a specific thing. It seems very laidback – like a bookshop on weed is how I would describe it – but it’s an independent bookstore and I love to celebrate Indies.

New York City Tourist

There were a few things I missed out on the first time I went to New York City that I still want to do. I never went to the American Museum of Natural History and since I recently re-watched Night at the Museum I feel like I must go. Also, I didn’t walk across the Brooklyn Bridge so I and my selfie stick will be doing this. Plus, Bloomingdales. I did Macy’s (and got a discount for being British! Get in) but didn’t do Bloomy’s.

I haven’t got tickets to a Broadway show just yet – although I would like to – but I have bought tickets to an off-Broadway show not far from where I’ll be staying. It’s called Puffs and it puts Hufflepuffs into the limelight during the 7 years of school, where a ‘certain boy wizard’ went to a ‘certain wizard school’. I pray to god it lives up to my limited expectations.

One of my favourite places in New York City is Central Park – but I want to see more of it. Since Freyja and I got lost in there and just wandered around for 6 hours and ended up going to bed at 7 pm that evening this time around I’m thinking of renting a bike to explore.

New York City Shopping

I’ve already mentioned the thrift stores I intend to go to but I also intend to go to all of the ‘boring’ USA shops that we don’t have in the UK and I have no shame. This includes, but is not limited to, Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and CVS pharmacy.  Not even kidding.  I’m going to have a blast in these stores.

Think I’ve missed anything off my solo-bucket list? Let me know! Hint: do not recommend touristy things – I’m not a great fan unless it’s related to books or social history (yes I’m already considering the Tenement Museum) And no, I can’t do the 9/11 memorials – not when I already hate flying as it is.

I can’t wait to share everything I do, buy and see when I’m back! Check back for that blog post in a few months’ time.

Love Ellie x

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My New York City Solo Trip Bucket List

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