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I Got a Job!

After a 2.5-month search, I have got a Job! Looking at it now for all the frustration and slump days it really wasn’t that long a period in which to be looking for a job after University. But at the time it seemed awful as there was no definitive end!

But now I can relax…kind of.

I got a job

My New Job in Publishing

My new job is as an Administrator at Atwood Tate. You’ve probably never heard of Atwood Tate unless you work, or want to work, in the Publishing Industry. Atwood Tate is a Publishing Recruitment agency for some of the major publishing houses and magazines around! They work with Trade Publishers Education, Academic, professional, B2B (Business to Business) Journal publishing, and more!

Funnily enough, I didn’t actually apply for this role or even sign up with this agency in order to lead me to this job. I went for another job within the company two weeks ago – as a Publishing Recruitment Consultant – and attended an interview. But a few weeks later I heard back from the lovely lady who interviewed me. She told me that due to internal reshuffling, the job was no longer available.

Fair dos, life happens.

So you can imagine my surprise when afterward she said that although that job had been filled. But another job had opened up as an administrator, and based on my interview she thought I would be perfect for it.


The one downside, sort of, is that it is only a 5-6 month maternity cover position. Nonetheless, it is a job in the wonderfully beautiful/connected Baker Street in London! There is the possibility that I might be asked to stay on afterwards if I do a good enough job or another position becomes available! Who knows?

If not, however, I have another job to add to the work experience section of my CV! I’ll have gained a ton of knowledge about working within recruitment, administration, and the publishing industry! And since my main goal is to work within a publishing house or literary agency I have 5-6 months to save up and gain experience! Before I can throw myself back into finding a job within that sector.

Job 2

One of the questions they asked me at the interview, prior to hearing about this position, was whether I would have been frustrated working in a role where I helped other people get jobs in publishing whilst I worked in a recruitment company and not the industry itself. I would have coped and would have worked hard but after 2-3 years I could see it really frustrating me.

At least now I’m not tied down to a position in which I have to put my real goals on hold. Rather I can gain experience which will help me to learn more about the industry, meet some wonderful people & earn some pennies! Also, begin my life as a London commuter!

Sounds good to me!

Love Ellie x

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