I've Got a New Job in Publishing!
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I’ve Got a New Job in Publishing!

I’ve Got a New Job in Publishing!

Well, this headline feels familiar. Just over two years I wrote a blog post on getting a new job in publishing and now I’m writing another one.

Since the 7th of June, I am no longer the Campaigns Officer at Canelo, instead, I am the Marketing Manager at Avon, HarperCollins.

See The Bookseller article for more details!

I had a blast at Canelo! And I left with a heavy heart, as I really enjoyed working with the people and on the books. But as anyone with a career knows, it’s onwards and upwards. And I’ll still meet up with the Canelo Clan (not my marketing term!) whenever I – and they – can for drinks, food, and probably more drinks.

As for my new job though: Marketing Manager.

Sixteen-year-old me is squealing with glee. Being a manager was always something I envisaged I would be at 30-odd years old, not at 23, but here we are and I couldn’t be gladder.

I’m joining a fabulous team at HarperCollins and working on some equally fabulous books from established authors like Mel Sherratt, C.L Taylor and Laura Jane Williams to brand new authors like Caroline Corcoran.

I am leaving the world of publicity behind, by choice as I always preferred marketing to publicity, and I imagine I’m about to step into a very challenging role. But as anyone who knows me will already know: I like a challenge.

I also really like to be busy and I’m pretty sure Avon will be able to oblige.

As for my time at Canelo, there were many highlights! Too many to list – and probably a few I can’t admit to on a public forum.

I hope to write about my new role in the coming months, once I’ve settled in and the nervous sheen of sweat has rubbed off. So keep your eyes peeled!

Love Ellie x

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