Netflix Series to Binge Watch This Christmas
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Netflix Series to Binge Watch This Christmas 2023

Netflix Series to Binge Watch This Christmas 2023

Santa is coming to town, but not quite yet. Before the big day, why not relax by watching a favourite TV show this Christmas? Here are some suggestions for Netflix series to binge-watch this Christmas 2023.

Netflix Series to Binge Watch

The Crown

The final series of The Crown is coming to Netflix on the 14th December. The first five seasons and part one of season six are available now. From Queen Elizabeth’s first days of marriage to the death of Princess Diana and King Charles’ second marriage. This series is surprisingly addictive.

All the Light We Cannot See

A few years back All the Light We Cannot See was the book to read, so this adaptation has been long awaited. It’s a World War Two story that will pull on your heartstrings and not one to watch if you need cheering up, but it’s beautifully done.

Dash & Lily

A series from last year, but a fun Christmas romance set in New York City. The book was a lot of fun and though the book isn’t a true adaptation it’s still very sweet.

Anne with an E

Another cancelled – aren’t they all cancelled these days? – series from Netflix. This adaptation of Anne of Green Gables is very sweet and fairly seasonal. Perfect for a cosy binge-watch this December.

Selling Sunset

Season 7 of this guilty pleasure reality TV show was released in November and there’s plenty of drama to binge watch before that. This series is easily frustrating, but still oddly addictive. Good luck tearing yourself away when you start.

What Netflix series would you recommend binge-watching this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below. And I hope you enjoy a relaxing, cosy night in with a box set this December.

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Netflix Series to Binge Watch This Christmas

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