My Post-Lockdown Bucket List

My Post-Lockdown Bucket List

My Post-Lockdown Bucket List

Life post-lockdown has been pretty interesting so far. For me, I’ve been to a hen do dress fittings, dinner with colleagues and returned to the office in Central London. But these activities aren’t the only part of my post-lockdown bucket list.

My Post-Lockdown Bucket List

Be a Bridesmaid ✔

My sister’s wedding is this year, and currently still going ahead! We’ve all got our fingers crossed that all goes well – even if it is a post-lockdown wedding. I’m a bridesmaid and I adore my dress. I picked it. Honestly – I got into the dress and refused to get out of it. I stood in it for 2 hours in the shop. That’s how much I loved it. But it’s not just about the dress (a lot of it is!) it’s my sister’s day and I’m her bridesmaid. It’s a whole family affair and I love my family.

Sort out my garden

My landlord is great and recently fenced off my garden so that I have a private garden just for me! Unfortunately, it needs maintenance and some work before it’s truly usable. So I’m going to be calling in reinforcement – my dad – and aiming to sort it out before winter kicks in. That way it’ll be ready to decorate and use come next year.

Write a book

I wrote a novel during the lockdown, but now I have the challenge of writing another. I’m planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year, with friends. I have a deadline and I’m going to get it done!

Go to Disneyland

I was meant to go to Disneyland Paris for my birthday in June, but due to the lockdown, this wasn’t possible. As such, the holiday has been moved to November. Fingers crossed it all goes well! And I can find a Tinkerbell face mask.

Get professional headshots ✔

And finally, a bit of a random aim for the remainder of the year but I want to get some professional headshots done. The headshot that I use on my professional sites such as my literary agency and social feeds, is actually four years old. That’s not bad, but a lot has changed in that time and I would love to refresh my headshot with an image that I sort rather than the company I work for.

And that’s that. I had a lot of aims for 2020 – including Goat Yoga – which sadly is a no-go. But I don’t mind. These are pretty good aims for the remainder of the year. So long as we don’t go into lockdown again…

What is on your post-lockdown bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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My Post-Lockdown Bucket List

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  1. Some great ideas, thanks for sharing. I agree that moving the furniture around really can breath some new life into a room, but I would also add looking at if you have any clutter and trying to get rid of it or at least thinking about your storage solutions.

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