My Latest TV Binge-Watches

My Latest TV Binge-Watches

My Latest TV Binge-Watches

Having now got a TV I’ve come somewhat addicted to binge-watching some of my favourite TV shows of late. These are my latest TV binge-watches.

Latest TV Binge-Watches

The Repair Shop (BBC)

Yes, I know it’s a little sad to admit that you enjoy The Repair Shop but I do. I watch back-to-back episodes sometimes. It’s strangely relaxing, and often very moving. It’s also a favourite of my family’s as there is something for everyone.

The Bold Type (Netflix)

The Bold Type is potentially my favourite TV series of all time. I know, bold statement! The final series is airing very soon and I looking forward to it – but sad as well – the last series was left on a massive cliffhanger as a result of COVID so I’m eager to see how it will play out.

The Resident (Disney+)

Another one of my favourite series is The Resident. This is an American show that documents the worst of the American healthcare system, with some typical melodrama thrown in. The first three series are available on Disney+ and I’ve been rewatching them in the evenings and on my lunch break.

New Amsterdam (Amazon)

Another healthcare drama is New Amsterdam. This is a fictionalised version of a New York Hospital, where the medical director wants to fix the world – starting with the medical departments at the New Amsterdam. It’s really interesting with a lot of tension thrown in as each episode showcases a different problem with the healthcare system in the US.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (Disney+)

Me and my sister adored The Mighty Ducks trilogy growing up – and still do – so when I heard that they were bringing out a series, featuring Emilio Estevez as Gordon Bombay once more, I basically burst into happy tears.

What have you been watching lately? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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My Latest TV Binge-Watches

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