My Favourite Things in June 2023

My Favourite Things in June 2023

My Favourite Things in June 2023

As the month – and hopefully this heatwave – comes to an end, I thought I share some of my favourite things from June 2023.

This month was a month of birthdays, including my own. There were parties, gatherings and many dinners. But I still managed to find time to read, watch and make TikToks.

Favourite Things in June 2023

Ted Lasso (Apple TV)

This month I finally watched Ted Lasso after watching clips on TikTok for months. It is hilarious and heartwarming and I already want to re-watch it. I particularly love Rebecca and Keeley’s relationship – girl power!

Peaky Blinders (Netflix)

Since it’s been a year since the last series of Peaky Blinders ended, I decided to get it a re-watch. I forget how good this series is, particularly the acting. Helen McCrory was an absolute queen.


I’ve thrown myself back into TikTok this month and I’ve been really enjoying it. Sharing videos from my trips to Liverpool and Manchester, to silly lip-syncs. It’s strangely addictive once you get going.

‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ Necklace

I recently a necklace that had ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ on it in my Grandad’s handwriting. It was a gift from my sister, and I hadn’t realised how much it meant to me until I lost it. Thankfully I was able to re-order it and I was only without it for a few days. Fingers crossed I find the ‘original’ necklace, but so long as I have one I’ll be happy.

Yellowface by Rebecca F. Kuang

Everyone in publishing is reading Yellowface by Rebecca F. Kuang at the minute. It is a thriller about a woman who steals the manuscript of her dead friend and publishes it as her own. The story is infused with many unfortunate realities within publishing – from cancel culture to lack of industry support, cultural appropriation and more. A brilliant yet blood-boiling read.

What have been your favourite things in June 2023? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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My Favourite Things in June 2023

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