My Favourite Autumnal Movies
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My Favourite Autumnal Films

My Favourite Autumnal Films

Forget Summer blockbusters it’s time for Autumnal films to have their day in the light. From classic Disney favourites to magical romances. These are my favorite Autumnal films.

Favourite Autumnal Films

When Harry Met Sally

Though set throughout many seasons in many years, there is something incredibly Autumnal about this classic 80s romance. It is a laugh a minute and incredibly warm and cosy. And it has one of my all-time favourite romantic endings. Simply adorable.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is the Autumnal family movie. And with Hocus Pocus 2 arriving shortly, it’s definitely time for a re-watch. I used to find this incredibly scary as a child, and now as an adult, it’s hilarious. The Sanderson sisters are fantastic, and you sympathise with them much more as you get older.

Practical Magic

This was me and my best friend’s go-to sleepover movie when we were at school. It’s part romance, part horror, part comedy, it has something for everyone. One of Sandra Bullock’s best movies in my opinion.

30 Autumnal Movies

Sleepy Hollow

If you prefer light horror – not screaming horror but the occasional jump-out-of-your-skin scary movie – then I recommend Sleepy Hollow. It hasn’t aged well, but it’s worth a watch with some popcorn and the lights down low.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Another family favourite, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. What isn’t there to love about this movie? It has all the familiar warmth, but also the great sets and scenery. I warn all my family ahead of time, that if we watch this I will say all the lines to time and with perfect inflection.

Addams Family Values

And finally, a dark and witty black comedy. Who didn’t go through a Wednesday phase at some point growing up? I prefer the sequel to the original – I know, sacrilegious – mostly because Joan Cusack makes a fabulous baddie. And who doesn’t love Wednesday at Summer camp?

What are your go-to Autumnal films? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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My Favourite Autumnal Movies

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