My Favourite Autumn Candles
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My Favourite Autumn Candles

My Favourite Autumn Candles

Is there anything more of an Autumn essential than Autumn candles? As early evenings draw in, there is nothing like getting home, lighting a few candles and getting into your cosiest PJs to enjoy a good book or watch your favourite movie.

To get you in the core Autumn mood, here is a list of my favourite autumn candles currently on sale.

Autumn Candles 2022

Spook Scented Candle by Lily Candles

A pumpkin-scented candle from Lily Candles. A warm and homely scent that is both sweet and spicy, in a pretty dark blue candle pot. Easily stored with 30+ hours of burning time.

Apple & Sweet Fig by Yankee Candle

A sharp and bitter candle, with the perfect scents of Autumn. With top notes of apple, peach and cassis bud, there are also mid notes of cranberry and strawberry to give it a true Autumn candle feel.

Pecan Bites by Yankee Candle

A super sweet candle with top notes of honey, burnt sugar and cinnamon. A perfectly sugary autumn candle.

Autumn Candles 2022

Sand & Fog Pumpkin Harvest

A TK Maxx candle with top notes of pumpkin and orange. Tangy and long-lasting, leave this candle burning for an hour or so and this scent will permeate the whole room.

Pumpkin Spice by DW Home

Another TK Maxx favourite – this has almost sold out at the time of writing so get it while you have the chance. It’s a very popular scent with cinnamon and cloves, over vanilla and brown sugar. Gorgeous!

Pecan Bourbon by DW Home

And finally, another TK Maxx candle. I’m a sucker for these! They smell amazing and last for ages. This is Pecan Bourbon, the top notes are dark oak bourbon with hints of citrus and spiced pecans. I’m allergic to nuts, but I can enjoy the scent of them. This is such a rich and homely scent.

What are your favourite Autumn candles for 2022? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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My Favourite Autumn Candles

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