My Christmas Wish List 2023
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My Christmas Wish List 2023

My Christmas Wish List 2023

As ever, my Christmas Wish List is very much a list of things I’d like to receive or purchase in the future. I am always grateful for whatever I receive at Christmas – be it a hug or a mug. But these are the items currently on my Christmas Wish List 2023.

My Christmas Wish List 2023

Weighted Blanket

I’ve had a weighted blanket on my wish list for a while but I’ve passed over it time and time again for more practical things like a slow cooker or a soup maker. But as someone with generalised anxiety disorder, who loves nothing more than to snuggle under a blanket with a good book, it feels like the perfect choice for me.

Normal People: The Scripts

I adore the Normal People series on the BBC. I’ve watched it about ten times since its release and I’ll probably watch it at least ten times more. As someone who also loves to read plays once I’ve seen them, this book of the scripts is perfect for me!

Ghost: The Fragrance

I wear quite a few perfumes but this is one of my go-to, day ones and I’m close to running out. So onto the Amazon wish list, it goes.

Long Way Down by Tom Odell – Vinyl Album

My vinyl record player gets a lot of use – not just to block out the neighbours – and I particularly enjoy revisiting old favourites. Tom Odell hasn’t done much, that I know of, in recent years but I adored his first well-known album and would love to give it a listen on vinyl.

Divine Might by Natalie Haynes

And finally, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include a book on my Christmas wish list 2023. This is the latest from Natalie Haynes, author of Stone Blind and Pandora’s Jar. This collection of stories focuses on the Greek Goddesses. I’ve not read a Greek Myth retelling in a while, so I’m definitely overdue.

What’s on your Christmas Wish List 2023? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Christmas!

Love Ellie x

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My Christmas Wish List 2023

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