Movies to Watch When You're Ill

Movies to Watch When You’re Ill

Movies to Watch When You’re Ill

Hopefully, no one is feeling unwell with COVID, or anything at all for that matter. But if you do get ill, here are my top comfort movies to watch.

For me, part of the reason these movies are of such comfort is that I’ve seen them all before so I don’t have to give them all of my attention. Instead, they’re a welcome distraction from everything else.

They also work as great comfort movies if you’re feeling mentally weak right now as well. Share your comfort movies in the comments below.

Movies to watch when you’re ill


I love a good newspaper movie. This Oscar-winning film is all about the Spotlight team at the Boston Globe who pulled the mask off the sexual abuse going on through the church, back in 2001. A great cast, mixed with a fascinating story and a brilliant direction has made this movie one of my all-time favourites.

The Devil Wears Prada

This is perhaps the only movie that I don’t see Meryl Streep in. Instead, I just see Miranda Priestley, and she is deliciously evil. The epitome of a love-to-hate-her character. Although Andi is an idiot, this movie still makes me very happy.

Ratatouille (if you can stand the sight of animated food)

What’s a comfort film list without a top Disney/Pixar film? Ratatouille is probably my all-time fave Disney film these days. I love the music, the story, and the animation. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

A League of Their Own

The best sports movie of all time. Fight me. It’s hilarious, heartbreaking, and makes me smile in multiple ways. I love it.

The Blind Side

Okay, the second-best sports movie of all time has to be The Blind Side. Sandra Bullock is the Queen, and this movie is gorgeous. It’s the perfect underdog story.

Erin Brockovich

Women fighting the system, erm yes, please. Back in Julia Roberts’ peak career, she made this stellar star-smashing movie. Fast-paced, moving, and very witty in places. I want to channel Erin Brockovich more in what I do.

Mona Lisa Smile

Another Julia Roberts movie. This is one that is quite often forgotten, but I enjoy it a lot. There’s something about the 1950s school-set dramas that I find quite gentle and easy to watch. Although, more often than not they focus on hard-hitting topics like feminism, society, and mental health.

Chalet Girl

If you’re after an easy romance, then Chalet Girl has to be the go-to. With a great soundtrack, proper British humour, and a well-picked cast. The perfect rom-com to curl up in bed with.

Mrs Doubtfire

God, I miss Robin Williams, and the movie reminds me why. I forget how funny he is until I watch this movie. It’s brilliant, and I still love the fact that the parents don’t get back together at the end because it’s more transparent to real-life, and that it is possible to have a good life after divorce.

The Parent Trap

Speaking of divorce, does anyone know why the hell the parents in this movie ever got divorced? She threw a hairdryer and they were young, so they had twins and split them up and moved across the country as if nothing had ever happened. Courts would be called now, yet somehow it’s still a great movie. Even if the moral is completely missing.

13 Going on 30

Jennifer Garner in her star-making role as Jenna. This rom-com has the best ending and gives me all the feels. It also makes me laugh like crazy and makes me want to learn the Thriller dance. One for the bucket list.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

One for when you’re stomach’s not playing up, but this family drama has a pinch of food, a splash of colour, and the perfect amount of heart. This is a recipe for the perfect comfort movie.

If you want other suggestions, I have a post on the Best Movies set in London and also a list of the Best Movies from 2019.

Love Ellie x

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Movies to Watch When You're Ill

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