#MarketYourMarketing Publishing Workshops
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#MarketYourMarketing: Publishing Workshops

#MarketYourMarketing: Publishing Workshops

I have a very exciting announcement to make today. From Tuesday 1st September I will be running FREE Publishing Workshops via Zoom, on how to #MarketYourMarketing.

If you’re interested in the publishing industry, specifically in marketing or otherwise, then these workshops are for you.

Right now, the world is in chaos, and internships and work experience is not on companies’ minds. That being said, students are still leaving school and university and applying for jobs in the publishing industry.

Marketing Training

I want to help. So, to make these workshops as accessible and universal as possible they are online and entirely FREE. Yes, FREE. You should not have to pay to gain experience.

If you’re looking for a service to help your company with marketing, however, then you can try companies like whitehat-seo.co.uk or other marketing agencies. What these workshops will teach is more entry-level to exec-based skills.

What will you learn?

I will be running fortnightly sessions in September, from Tuesday 1st September at 6-7 pm via Zoom. I have three workshops scheduled and you must pre-register via Eventbrite to attend otherwise you will not receive the exclusive link.

The first session will be on: How to write a marketing plan.

This may seem like a simple first workshop to run, but I guarantee that if you ever apply for a marketing role within publishing – assistant or managerial level – you will be asked to put together a marketing plan for an upcoming book.

In this session, I will spend 45 minutes explaining how to format a basic plan, what details to include, and where to look for ideas to really stand out from the crowd.

For the last 15 minutes of the session, I will be answering questions via the Q&A function. Any questions I don’t get to I will make a note of and answer as best as I can either via an additional workshop or indeed a blog via EllesBellesNotebook.

What should you bring?

If you sign up for these sessions or you need to bring yourself, a screen to watch the workshop and possibly a notebook.

I will record these sessions and put them online at a later date, but for now, these workshops will be exclusive and you must pre-register to attend.

Will there be future publishing workshops?

Yes! I have three workshops set up to run in September, all of which are available to pre-register to attend now.

Tuesday 1st September: How to write a marketing plan

Tuesday 15th September: How to utilise social media to promote a book

This session will include an amazing guest, the one and only Claire Fenby, Digital Marketing Assistant at One More Chapter, HarperCollins, and an incredible YouTuber (over 15k subscribers!)

Tuesday 29th September: TO BE CONFIRMED

As you can see each session is on a Tuesday between 6-7 pm and hosted via Zoom.

On some occasions I will be joined by guests, to offer insight on publishing, and marketing, and to find out their best skill development advice.

Future workshops will go up for registration after Tuesday 15th and I will keep everyone up to date via my blog, social media feeds, and newsletter. If you’re not subscribed to the latter, subscribe now for emails and exclusive content.

Can we suggest workshop ideas?

Absolutely! Please comment on this post, or message me on any social media to suggest future workshop ideas. I would love to offer insight into the publishing industry in any way I can, and I know that training is hard to come by, particularly right now.

Future workshops I have in the works include creative brainstorming, how to ace an interview, writing a stand-out CV and cover letter and interviews with other marketers, and more!

Each of these workshops will include top-line information only. 45 minutes is not enough to time to officially train anyone in larger skills such as Facebook advertising or working with a brand. However, having a basic understanding is all you need to get a job. Everything else you learn on the go – that’s what I did and I became a Marketing Manager at HarperCollins at 23 years old.

Why am I doing this?

I’ve already mentioned the accessibility issues of life right now, but I’m also acutely aware of the London-centricness of publishing. It is incredibly difficult for anyone, not in a full-time position or living in/near London already, to get training in publishing without having to spend their own money.

Internships are a communist plot

You should never have to pay for work experience. However I did do this, but looking back at my work experience and internship placement, it did not even include ‘training’. Instead, I learned about the industry by watching others work (without anyone explaining what they were doing). Also, by dealing with the admin and ‘lower’ jobs of the industry such as mailings, organising bookshelves, and scanning documents. This is not what an assistant does – or at least not wholly does, it’s more like 15% of their job.

Work experiences and internships should include training, you’re not there to do unpaid labour! This is why I want to run these workshops and actually train you in the basics of a marketing role in publishing. But, without charging you or making you travel anywhere.

How do I sign up?

Places are not limited and, as I’ve said, every ticket is FREE!

All you need is good internet access, a notebook and possibly a drink.

Sign up for the first session (or whichever sessions are most relevant to you) to get your place.

I look forward to ‘seeing you’ (I won’t actually be able to see you!) on Tuesday 1st September from 6-7 pm.

Love Ellie x

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  1. Thank you for organising these, they sound fantastic and I’m looking forward to them. I wondered if you might be able to do some about publicity campaigns?

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